Goodbye 2013!

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I havent blogged since last August! Bad Zo!

So, here we go, a run at the last half of 2013 in words and pictures!

I did the school summer fete,that was the last thing..

We went for a day trip to Caernafon Castle- we were really lucky, as the weather was glorious all day. Jessie was in her element, and came home with an army hat and a bow and arrows!


I took my stall to “Folk at the Hall” in Trelawnydd on the 3rd of August. My Favorite act had to be Kathryn Roberts and Sean Lakeman (yes, Seths brother!), and there was a rather impromptu Morris dance in the road outside during the break! (The Clerical Errors).

Kathryn Roberts and Sean Lakeman

Kathryn Roberts and Sean Lakeman


The Clerical Errors

You can find out about this year`s event by going to

Referring to my diary, the weather seemed to take a bit of a nosedive during August. I did the Totally Locally day in Prestatyn on the 17th- the weather seemed to hold off that day, but was gusty and showery.

There seemed to be a fine day on the 22nd, and we went to the Welsh Mountain Zoo, where it was boiling hot, and we had to sit in the car to eat our picnic, just to get out of the sun!


Before we knew it, Jessie started back into 4th/5th year (a combined class) and what with after school clubs, and my making stock in preperation for Christmas fairs, the rest of the year flew by!

I took Jessie and her schoolfriend to a pumpkin carving/ trick or treat day that the Artisans Collective had organised for the Children of Prestatyn. It was chilly, but they had loads of  fun, and even got medals for completing the treasure hunt! (We also went to see Turbo, then came back for pizza and chips by the light of pumpkin!)

Shortly after an experiment in painting each others faces!

Shortly after an experiment in painting each others faces!

Jessie Turned 9 in early November, but we didnt really get to celebrate with her, as this year it was her turn to spend the day with her mum. One of the prezzies she recieved from us was a mini John Lewis sewing machine. Bright pink with lime green  dials. I would have killed for something like this as a kid- unfortunately, she hasnt had time (or the inclination) to use it yet!

Anyway, bonfire night was a bit of a wash-out as I recall, and on the 6th of November I did my first Christmas stall at Ysgol y llys in Prestatyn!  This marked the start of Christmas fayre season, and I was booked in here there and everywhere, but unfortunately I came down with a stinky cold  in the  first days of December, and ended up having to cancel the last few of my bookings 😦 .

During this time we also managed to squeeze in Lantern making- again with the Prestatyn Artisans, and then joined them in the parade up the high street, with a marching band and santa (Prestatyn Rotary Club). All good fun, but I think this was where I aquired the lurgy!


Ready for the lantern parade!

Christmas was a bit of a blur- but at least we all had a rest- it was like breathing a sigh of relief after the previous weeks- School choir concert, manning the hot dog stall at the school disco- as well as trying to keep the house reasonably respectable for Christmas!

Ooh yeah. We went to see the Damned in early December at the Tivoli Buckley, so I didnt want to go empty handed, and knocked together a top for Mr Sensible.

After a bit of arguing with a rather officious bouncer, Capt smuggled us up the stairs to the “backstage area” where he educated me in the dark art of coffee machines.

Anyway, heres a pic of the top- which he actually thanked me for when he got onstage, and did an impromptu version of WOT- with Mr Vanian singing falsetto backup!


December also saw the terrible flooding when the sea defences were breached further down towards Rhyl and the Coast road. As we were on red alert for a second high tide that day, I had to cancel the Christmas event I was due to attend that evening, and we sat glued to the tv for weather updates, whilst watching the security cameras on the Prestatyn Yacht club- one of which was trained on the slipway, so we could see how quickly the tide was moving.

It truly has been a crazy mixed up few months!

So, I think that`s me up to date! I hope that wasn`t to gruelling for you- catching up helps me keep track of things , so now I only have to deal with January, and I am bang up to date!

Thanks for stopping by!

spookyzo2 By the way, excuse the terrible randomness of the pictures- I still havent quite got my head    around how to do it all again!


Here comes August!

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And so here we are, two weeks or so into the kids summer holidays- I hope you fellow parents are coping ok!

What have we done so far? Well, at the end of term the school had their summer fete, and as I had been promising myself for ages, I finally shelled out some dollars for a decent popup gazebo and weights, for single day events. It fits in the car (just about with the stock) and is literally up in minutes- with the weights just clamping together in halves. Fantastic!

We actualy had to utilise it the minute it arrived- the sun baked down for almost the whole of July, so it became a pretty handy shelter in the garden- we even sat in its shade to watch the Wimbledon final on iplayer! Fantastic!

Anyway, it is first and foremost a stall, so I popped it up to give it a try minus stock on the patio- here it is:


So yeah, its first proper outing has been the School summer fete- we used it with an extra table at this one, as I took far too much stuff with us!

stallJessie was working on the Eco club stall, selling plants and seed packs and whatnot, and also participated in folk and disco dancing, and even had to show a policeman how to do folk dancing- The Jackadaw if I remember correctly?

Face painting by  Viv at FUN FACES

jess workingJess copperjess kitty

Around this week we also got a new swimming pool  (thanks Dave!), and Jessie took part in sports day.

pooljessie SportJessiesport

Camping out in the garden.

Camping out in the garden.

I also helped out at the school disco- this time mainly on the hot dog stall!

First week off school we spent a lot of time in the garden, and taking full advantage of Orange Wednesdays two for one, I took Jessie to see Monsters University.

Jessie has been keeping a holiday book, but I will save that for another time!

This week we have so far signed up for the Library book challenge, and had a day out at caernarfon castle- I will save that for my next weeks post also!

And I have just realised I should really post something Vagabonds related on the other blog- so I shall do that now!

cheers for stopping by!


The layout on this post has ended up a massive jumble, but hey ho- better than loads of scrolling!

The last 2 months

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Hello! You had forgotten about me I bet!

Well, i`m back to update and whittle on about all sorts.

So what have I been up to of late? Well, lets see.. I did a day doing hairwrapping at the Gifted shop in Rhyl which was fun, if a bit chilly- I was outside with a facepainting lady called Viv, and this time I took the smaller more pocket money items- easier to carry, and more in- keeping with the customers. Here I am doing a rather jolly rainbow wrap..


Back in May, Jessie took part in an old May day type “letting in the spring” thing called the “Cadi Ha” in the centre of Holywell, whick basically involved a load of people dancing and making a load of noise walking up and down the High street. There were folk bands, clog dancers, and people with bits of May Blossom Hawthorn tied with ribbons. All a bit pagan, but rather cool and eccentric.


Giving it loads at the Cadi Ha

Giving it loads at the Cadi Ha

I made a rather weighty costume for a cosplay customer for the expo in London she was attending. This time the brief was a Shinto temple deity called Amterasu which featured as a white wolf in a game. Anyway, heres a snap she got, along with the charachter inspired background..

Ammy Vanessa

My lovely sister was and still is having a mahoosive clear out of stuff, and kindly donated to us one of her desks- we used just the leg frame and Jessie`s desk has now grown to grownup height, and she can sit and see out of the window while she draws. I utilised the old table legs that Marc had cut down for her when she was littler, and added them to a spare shelf board, upholstered it and bingo- one bench seat! waste not and all that!


We had a lovely spell of hot weather a couple of weeks ago- so good that it enabled us to finally insulate my workshop/shed. In order to do this, everything had to be removed, so we had to put our stall marquee up as temporary storage on the patio. We battled away at it, and finally my workspace looks like this..


It is actually packed to the gunnels with materials and stock boxes again now, but I am trying to work on that too- the plan this year is not to attend so many festivals, and to concentrate on doing a grand clearance to give me space both physically and mentally so I can get back to making stuff  to order again. Family life is chaotic and busy, and I cant devote myself to the business full time, so i`m compromising, and still doing what I love. Oh yeah- i`m clearing stock HERE and HERE, and dont forget you can also purchase my handmade thingies from my ETSY STORE or directly from my FACEBOOK.

The good weather also gave us time to get the garden whipped into shape a bit and when we were tinkering with the offcut bits from the shed, me and Jessie made a rather odd looking insect house from bits of cane and whatnot, and Jessie just had to decorate it. It is intended for Solitary Bees, as well as any other creepy crawly.











Anyway, on a gardening last note, I will leave you with some pretty pictures I have snapped over the past few weeks.

Baby Spiders on the Rosemary

Baby Spiders on the Rosemary


Beautiful Iris


Not sure what these are..nice though!


Blousey old rose


Daisy friends


Chives a seeding


Strawbs a ripening


Snow on the mountain?


Lonesome poppy



from the bottom of the garden.

from the bottom of the garden.

Until next time,





seed-y bee-dee garden..

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Quick blogette.

This morning I recieved my packet of Phacelia seeds from the soil association. They have been doing a giveaway promotion to help support the British Bee population, who are under threat, and need new habitats to survive.

They are still doing the seed packets, but now they are only available when you make a donation. But you do get a badge too!

To donate, and keep Britain Buzzing, please click- we all need to do our bit!



In other news, this prolonged cold spell really must be taking its toll on our feathered friends. So, if you can, pop out a feeder or two. Suet balls and mealworms seem to be a particular favorite with our garden visitors, and having a finnicky Jack Russell has been a bonus for the magpies and Crows who visit!

Joe and Flo Crow.

Joe and Flo Crow.

Maggie- and, spot the the thrush!

Maggie- and, spot the the thrush!


waiting for his mealiewurmz

And dont forget- Fresh water!!

Until next time,



The last 2 weeks …

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23 March- Snowing like Billy- o all over the country. Loads of local craft fairs and spring markets cancelled or postponed. I put some bits on ETSY, did some housework and had a bit f a clearout of some of Jessie`s outgrown clothing.

24th – Jessie at her mums. Day of Ebaying.

25th- Paul went to doctors on the wrong day, I had a cracked boiled egg, then dropped my camera in a full cup of hot coffee.

26th- Housework, then went for a trog around Prestatyn High street to get some fruit and veg, and bargain hunt. Sent parcels.

27th- cant remember what we did- it was a full moon though!

28th- Liza came over for the day, and we made cakes .


chocolate easter nests

chocolate easter nests

29th- Day in the garden planting seeds in assorted egg boxes and plastic containers as mini greenhouses. Mum brought eggs for Jessie, and some gorgeous daffs for us.

many egg boxes on our seedling shelf (old glass tv stand)

many egg boxes on our seedling shelf (old glass tv stand)

30th- Jessie at Liza`s- spent the day doing housework and sorting out more bits in the shed /cabin/workshop

31st- clocks went foreward. Jessie had a cough so stayed home, but got loads of eggs so it was all good!

1st April- donated stuff to charity shop and spied a lovely little shelf. Grocery shopping, Ebay listing and laundry.

2nd April- up at crack of dawn to get SHELF. Bought dog poultry toothpaste and special toothbrush. More ebay. Bought beads online.. :/

And here we are at TODAY!

Thanks also go out to Graham the computer whizz, who came by and got the old laptop working for our young lady- she has had a lovely evening on the cbbc website!

So thats me up to date. Getting withdrawal symptoms from making stuff, so I may have to do something creative tomorrow!

fingers crossed anyway 😉


Cinema day..

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Been promising the kid we would do something over half term, but- well, we are a bit nesh, and it has been a bit nippy.

Anyway, it was the last but one day of The Croods on in 3D at our local independant cinema- so that is where we went.

Jessie has never been to see a 3D movie before, and I felt quite privilaged to be the one to introduce it to her.

Excited young lady..

Excited young lady..

I actually really enjoyed it too. Some kids films can really drag (cars 2), but this was awesome with cute characters like Belt and the Mousephant, and generally stunning animation.

Having the kids off school for Easter is a mixed bag. Initially they are excited, then bored, then a bit naughty, and everyone just gets settled into a groove then they all go back to school again!

We have done a bit of gardening, cooking, crafts, obligatory homework, random shopping adventures ,oh, and I moved a bit of the young lady`s bedroom about when she was at her mums the one day.

I still cant quite believe the weather we have had. These photo`s were from this afternoon, and we still have patches of snow on the mountains at the back of our neck of the woods!

Going home- look at the snow on the hills!

Going home- look at the snow on the hills!

Sorry for the poor quality photos- shonky camera phone- there`s a story there too..!

Until next time,



shelving plans..

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“Are you tired”? This is Jessie, asking me over her homework, and, yes I am, because stupidly I woke up at 6am with a nagging thought in my head.

We went to a charity shop yesterday- to drop some stuff off, and inevitably, to buy more, and I saw this little shelf. It looks like it was part of a bigger piece- maybe the top off  a cabinet. Anyway, I have been looking for a small shelf to go beside the telly, and this looked a bit on the big side, but it started nagging at my brain after we left, so I vowed to get it today.

And so, yes, I was up at the crack of dawn to retrieve it. Would it be there? If its meant, so shall it be!

And it was! And although it didnt fit where I intended it- it has come in handy!

£20!  What a bargain!

£20! What a bargain!

I intend to strip the godawful tinted varnish off it as soon as the weather warms up and I can get outside.

Gonna do a bit more of an update shortly..

Until then,