Some kind of start…

A few days ago I comitted myself to making something every day, be it a sketch, some kind of edible, an item of stock, or possibly something to add to the functionality of decor of our home.
In the last week or so I have attempted to do this as and where possible- time permitting, so here are my offerings to date:

Curtains for Jessie`s room.

I also decided to try and get my hand back into producing some kind of art, so I recycled a canvas and added some cutup newspaper for texture, and started on something- it is by no means finished, and I may well obliterate it yet and start over..

canvas house unfinished

Last but not least, as it was a typical wintery glum sunday, I made some biscuits, with help of Jessie. Ahh, cheery yumminess!
Biscuity goodness

Sunday Biscuits

So that really wraps up this first proper post. It`s been hurridly cobbled together in 5 minutes. Lets hope it gets easier!…


~ by Zoe on January 16, 2011.

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