Spring has sprung…

Hurrah. I`m not sure if its technically the first day of spring, but in our house it is. Jessies calendar has different colour bars for different months- and we are officially in the green zone now! 

It is also Saint Davids Day (Dewi Sant), So the kids all got to wear welsh national costume to school. They bent the rules a bit for the boys- and let them wear rugby tops).

welsh lady

 My Mister (who likes to be known as Mr Git?!) decided that as it was a fine sunny day, he would spend a little time weeding the garden as light excersise to help his Sciatica. Razzle oversaw his efforts, and in between doing “brew runs”, I took a few snaps here and there of lovely growing things.

spring polaroids

I have been busy at work making stock for the other part of my life, that is Vagabonds. Today the kitchen was flooded with sunlight, so I switched on the radio, and got to sewing. I seem to be rather obsessed with making bags at the moment, but no doubt next week something else will be my focus!

sewing machine

I promise that my next post will actually feature some of the aforementioned bags, but right now its late, so I will have to leave you in suspense!


~ by Zoe on March 1, 2011.

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