Home Comforts

Do you have a favorite room in your house? The room you always gravitate to?

My favorite is our kitchen. It is the hub of our house, acting as laundry, dumping ground, arts and crafts space, diner, office, and best of all, my little sanctuary!

My favorite time of day is about 10am, when I`ve just got back from doing the school run, and the sun is streaming through the side window as I make the first proper coffee of the day, and contemplate my plans. This window however, can be a little to cheery at times, and the sun positively blinds me as a stand at the sink. Therefore, as soon as the preperations for Whitby Gothic Weekend stall stuff are all out of the way, my first project will be to make some blinds for those pesky windows. When I first moved in, My Mister had took it upon himself to put up nets everywhere for privacy. They are the bain of my life! But I try to not mention these things. I just make them vanish when he is otherwise busy! So yes, I`m thinking gingham and stars as my starting point, unless I see something which grabs me more.

I don`t have a specific theme to my tastes. There is a strange coctail of the modern, with a bit of 50`s kitch, Americana, country cottage, ethnic and a dash of trash going on in our kitchen.


These lilypad style serving dish/mini tureens are just my thing. I got these for a mere £5 from one of the many carboot sales I frequent, a couple of summers ago. They don`t fit the colour scheme, and really don`t have a place. They are currently hovering about cluttering up the work surface. But oh, I do love `em!

The red scales are one of the many red things in the kitchen.

It`s getting a bit too red in there now, but you know how it is, people notice a trend, and start to buy you things.

Thats how I came by my next little item..


Mum bought me this little dude one day on return from a shopping spree. As it is red, and as I already had a couple of colanders on the go, I decided that this would be better suited to a more decorative use, and voila! We have a hanging basket!

As everyone that knows me understands, / I am fond of all sorts of decorative stuff. It can be anything. If it appeals to my nostalgic leaning, it finds a space somewhere!

 And this is how we end up with mexican recycled wineglasses living alongside an original Bush radio (on which I can only pick up Radio 4!) and some handpainted cat napkin rings! (Please ignore the hideous nets!)

And in true trashy style, I like to keep my fairy lights up all year round. They do cheer me up on the dull winter days, and add a touch of festive colour to any boring tea time!

They trail across the wall like an unruly cobweb, alongside bunches of dried flowers, salt dough decorations, and anything I deem to be lucky, beautiful or magical.

The rest of the kitchen walls are littered with paintings, drawings and 3d creations by our 6 year old resident artist.

Its chaotic, its cluttered, but it sure is home to me!

This is where I spend my day, sewing, cooking, teaching and sometimes cleaning!

My favorite space in our house.

What is yours?


~ by Zoe on March 12, 2011.

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