Blanching and Freezing

I don`t know if you`re like me (you may be if you are interested in reading this), but I can`t bear waste. This relates to most of my life , much to the annoyance of `Him Indoors`, who is a stickler for tidyness!

Anyhow, I digress. Today when doing the weekly shop after the school run, I purchased a number of vegetables, some marked down to half price. Nothing wrong with them- just old stock  I guess. They have then sat on the worktop for the best part of the day, looking at me accusingly!

So tonight, after getting madam into bed, and putting the washing on, I knew I had to deal with the veggy rabble.

I knew  Blanching and freezing was the only answer.

So I set up a sort of conveyor belt process. Pans of boiling water on the go while I peeled and chopped, then batch by batch were plonked into the hot, left a couple of minutes, strained and then quickly dropped into cold to stop the cooking process. Strain them off again, then bag and freeze. Its probably best to turn them and break them up as they freeze, so you dont end up with a solid lump.

So, 2 lots of carrots, a batch of parsnips, a clutch of swede and a clump of leeks and i`m finally done.

My mum would say its a lot of bother to go to, and its easier to just buy the ready frozen bags, however I grew up seeing my nan peering through a cloud of steam as she did batch after batch of blanching and bagging , and I guess it must have rubbed off on me!

And ultimately, its very satisfying to do- especially when the freezer is full of nice fresh veg, and theyve cost virtually pence.

And so, to bed.


~ by Zoe on April 13, 2011.

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