Weekend at Wychwood..

Main arena field

Wychwood Big Top and arena

If you are looking for a festival to take your kids to, then look no further than Wychwood! Set in the beautiful surrounding Prestbury hills, the festival site is on the grounds of Cheltenham race course, and similar to quite a few other events these days, it has a quieter family camping area, and the music finishes at 11pm (although you may hear the dulcit tones of the revellers in the silent disco until 3am!) After last years experience of the event as traders (Vagabonds), we opted to see the festival from the regular punters angle- mainly at the request of our little girl- who asked “can we come again and not bring the stall next time”. So we did…

We set out early on the Friday morning, and on the drive down the weather got progressivey hotter and stickier. When we arrived and got in the queue for camping, I treated myself to a copy of the Independant- which came in a wychwood tote bag with a `capri- sun and a blow up beach ball- for the mere cost of £1! Bargain! I was further taken aback when we were presented with a big pack of nescafe instants, and a box of posh cereal-and that was before we had even picked a spot to pitch up! I digress.. We picked a lovely spot- there was bags of room all around , and in a similar fashion to last year, we had to fling the tent up quick to get out of the heat! Phew! Scorchio- just the weather you want for a festival!

All tuckered out..

Unsurprisingly we all flaked out that afternoon- including the little lady who crashed out on a beach towel right in the middle of the tent floor!

 We finally surfaced about 6, had something to eat, then headed over to the arena for the first evening. The weather was still glorious, and we had a good mooch about, and caught a bit of Cornershop`s set, and later The Charlatans, who were excellent. When we finally got back to the tent we had just got settled down with a hot chocolate, whe we heard the first night of silent disco drifting actross on the night air- people yelling out Human League`s “Dont you want me baby”. Ahh Wychwood…

~ by Zoe on June 14, 2011.

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