“The time has come” the Walrus said…

…to talk of many things.

At some point I will probably update about the Saturday and Sunday at Wychwood, spent with a rather grumpy 6 year old, but at the moment, more pressing issues abound.

For health reasons, and following an endoscopy last week, my partner Paul has been advised to give up smoking.  I have tried more than once to kick the habit, but the lure back was too strong, but following this wake up call, I will join him on his quest for nicotine free living!  I know this is going to be tough, and we probably will knock heads from time to time, but it is a good thing to do. So, armed with patches and inhalators, we go to battle tomorrow morning!

On a lighter note, we had a painty kind of week last week. Paul has been doing all the roof soffets and facias, and I did my bit by painting the front door, and adding a little bit of art to fill a boring gap.

Beachy door art

I think there should have been glass in the frame originally- but whoever boarded it up did it with some rather shonky wood- so I have been adding paint layer by layer to build it up. I`m still not sure what else  to add to the picture- I think its lacking something though. Any ideas? Following on from the seaside theme, we had an old canvas knocking about, and we had a need for something to brighten up the bathroom so- hey presto- Beach Huts!  Obviously its not finished yet, but i`m working on it!

Beach Huts

Lastly, The Oriel Scala (Prestatyn) have been running a community art project inwhich everyone is encouraged to produce a square  or rectangular shaped piece of art- I think textile based, in order that they be sewn together at Stitch and Bitch night (which is actually happening tonight- but i`m rather pooped from a day of housework). Anyway, I realised the deadline at the last minute, so had about 6 hours to come up with something. Here is my offering:

 They gave away free bags of scrap fabric, working in conjunction with Aberkahn Fabrics. I added my own bits and bobs, and had to do some bits on the machine for speed- but in the end I was quite happy with it- and now have a taste to do more!

Today has been all about cleaning and washing- while we had a bit of sunshine, and most exciting of all, our new marquee came to house our stall.

We will be standing at Worthenbury Blues and Roots Festival on 2nd July, so that will be its first proper outing.  I guess I had better get cracking on some stock to sell in it now!


~ by Zoe on June 21, 2011.

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