I have been bad since my last post.

I did swear off the dreaded fags, and if i`m honest, I did cut down. But I didn`t quit like I promised. So, here we are. It is now Wednesday, and I haven`t had a cigarette since a very meagre toothpick rollie on Sunday morning at Worthenbury.

I`m glad to get that off my chest!

So, Worthenbury- (its a tiny little village outside Wrexham)-has a roots and blues festival once a year, organised by the Hooker Blues club, and helped by various other businesses and organisations it hosts a mixture of international acts in the open air, along with a hog roast, real ales and a great friendly vibe.

This was the third year we have taken our stall along, and this was also the debut of our new marquee. The weather was absolutely glorious for setting up, and stayed light until really late, which was really handy as I managed to set our a good portion of the stock.

Bit of a chilly night gave way to a dewy morning, and soon warmed up to be a scorcher of a day. Business was excellent. Many thanks to all our wonderful customers! We had a great pitch- being able to see the stage from the stall, and we cobbled together a shanty town of vehicles and our tent behind to give us a bit of shade and privacy.

It being such a tiny festival meant that we were able to let Jessie run around and make friends- we could see the whole field from the stall, and this gave her a lot more freedom- we only saw her for drink and snack top ups!

Didnt get to bed until gone 1am, as we spent a bit of time packing the stock down to save time the next day.

Sunday- woke to scorching weather! Hurridly packed up and slung everything on the van, just to get out of the sun!

Drove home, cooked us a late breakfast, then we all flaked out! A good weekend indeed! Best band- Hokie Joint- Google for them, and they have lots on youtube too!

  I have loads more stuff to post about, so I may do another quicky later. Right now it`s time to go and wrangle some tea together, and possibly try out a recipe from A Thrifty Mrs Blog for Rasberry and apple cake..nomnom…


~ by Zoe on July 6, 2011.

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