Day of the desk, and other nonsense.

Yesterday my mum and sister very kindly brought my desk up from the office, to replace the glass one we have had up to now. There was nothing wrong with the glass desk, it just didnt really go with my view of things.

My desk (the wooden one) is a 1940`s typists desk- so it has this weird half hexagonal sticky out bit on one side, and it doesn`t come apart, so me and my Sis had a right old game trying to get it through our front door. In the end, it came to me taking half of the front door off (it opens centrally) to get the sticky-out bit through. But we did it!

That done, me and Paul then went on to put the marquee back up in the back garden. This is to house all amount of stuff for the following reason:

Things have gotten to the stage in our world, where a grand clear out is in order. So, over the next few weeks, I plan to sort, throw away, give to charity and sell anything that isn`t nailed down! There will be a lot of fabric, end of line stock items, craft things, ornaments, god- you name it!

So, the marquee gives me a space to do it- plus it gets everything out of the house so we can finally get ourselves straight.

I guess some things will go on ebay, but I might try some things on my facebook page selling doobery, or I could even make a list here..

Are you guys using the warm summer weather to do something productive outdoors?

I guess I should make this post a bit jolly, so here is a photo of the marquee when we were trying it out for the first time before Worthenbury. It was so handy for sorting out!


~ by Zoe on July 12, 2011.

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