Jolly Holidays? A recap.

Are we having fun yet? When did your kids break up from school? Madam had her last day on Tuesday, so I made a timetable for the summer, to count the days- and you can take that how you like! 😉

Our weekend was rather eventful. I should just explain. After Worthenbury, we put the marquee back up in the back garden to give me some cover to sort stock and the accumulated business of a shop. Then we experienced some rather autumnal weather- gusty winds of around 40mph, and it rather lashed it down rain wise. So. We were out there on the sunday night, wrestling with ratchet straps, hooks, anything heavy to tie it down and minimise damage, vowing that we would “get this bloody thing down the first chance we get”!

So that was our first day of the school holidays sorted.  Wednesday. A lovely morning on the beach until the sea came in, then we trogged back to the house to wrestle with boxes bags and tarpaulins until teatime. Arghh what a day!

Us off to the beach- courtesy of Mister Git on camera 🙂

Thursday. The Party that wasn`t..

Jessie was up bright and early in preperation for her friends party. I popped her in the bath, and washed and straightened her hair so she was gleaming. Got to the party, and there was a big queue of kids and parents looking through the venue windows. Then it transpired that the caterers/venue had the wrong day- so hadn`t prepared anything. Cue a lot of grumbly kids! So we beat a hasty retreat, and went charity shopping instead, and got some real bargains- so it wasnt all bad!

Friday Madam went to her mums for her allotted 5 hours a week (I know !!) so I made the most of it, and gave some of the kitchen a quick going over with the magnolia-ish paint- covering an almost pistashio colour. That was that really.

Saturday we went hunting the alleged burial mound of Boudica. This didnt quite go to plan. Ended up having a brief look at the view of the North Wales coast from the Gwaenysgor viewpoint carpark, then a quick walk through the tiny churchyard up there, and a welcome coffee in the cozy Eagle and Child pub/restaurant. Then we whizzed around the mountains willy-nilly until 5, and then got back in time to feed the Razzleopagus. Neither of us was particularly enthralled by our outing, and lack of nicotine didnt really help matters, so it was a good job my sister and her chap turned up as they probably averted a war!

Today.. Me and the little lady went to the school to help tidy up the school garden with a couple of PTA members. Did a couple of hours- mostly helping re- weave the willow dome/hide thing they`ve got there. Then we had to dash off to the shop. Another £45 in Aldi. Got my pliars set, plus plenty of impulse buys- including a new toilet brush, too many sweets, strawberries, more ice cream (you can never have enough of this!) and a large bag of prawn crackers.

Now we have had ice cream, dog is fed, Paul is mixing tunes and updating his soundcloud music and ladybum is in the bath. I am sitting down, sucking the nicotine kazoo, watching sky news on mute,and writing this up.

We are trying to think of things to do throughout the holidays now to keep madam amused, educated and entertained, so every time we think of something- it gets added to our “list”. I saw a lovely hotel in Llandudno while I was looking at Google Earth and the Great orme. I think it was the Lighthouse hotel. Absolutely awesome looking place. Might have to check this one out further!

And so lovely reader, enjoy your evening!


~ by Zoe on July 24, 2011.

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