Trapped in a tomboy!

When I was a little girl- about the age of our little lady I guess, I had picture books of rhymes and stories. Most of the young girls pictured in these books were of a certain type- ultra feminine. They wore crinolines, or empire line gossamer gowns, or were corsetted and shaped like hourglasses, bedecked with ribbons and bows, and long golden curls.

Original illustration by Anne and Janet Grahame Johnstone for Dean's New Gift Book of Nursery Rhymes 1971

And so, as a child, I craved the “meringue” frock of frills, petticoats and stiff netting. The trouble was, we were growing up in a large caravan on what was effectively a building site, so lacey frills were`nt entirely practical.( Our Dad was doing a self build so we practically lived in wellies and dungarees due to practicalities- and mud!)

Wood-engraving by Dalziel

*Alice- my first copy of your tale was a tiny little pocketbook version, but it had these illustrations- which i naughtily hand coloured. Anyway- I blame some of that hankering after a `sticky out skirt’  on these very illustrations!*(and while we are on the subject, all the little cupboards that lined the rabbit hole as you fell down it probably were directly to blame for my many knick nak drawers and spice chests full of  curiosities!)

  Anyway, getting back to what I started this blogette on, I am in a quandrey.
 I love girly clothing. I can appreciate all things flouncy and I love big hair, heels and tailoring. I love big skirts, bows, stockings- all the feminine fripperies of a well done up lass.
 However, I feel that I cannot pull it off. I feel a fraud, as I am so stuck in a rut with my skinny black (grey now) jeans, big black band t shirts and either New Rocks in the winter, or Supras in the summer. What am I to do? When I look at other people, I am pretty good at judging which kind of clothing shape suits them (hell, I make clothing, its my job!) but I am blind when I look in the mirror!
 I`m just venting here- so pay me no mind- unless of course you too have this problem- or may have a solution to my plight!
How do you get around the practicalities of everyday family life, and still give yourself glamour? I barely get time to put eyeliner on these days!
Help me Rhonda! Lol!

~ by Zoe on July 31, 2011.

2 Responses to “Trapped in a tomboy!”

  1. Why not try to combine the two looks? I’ve always been a tomboy too and always cowered away from what I considered to be ‘girly’ clothing. I could appreciate how it looked on other people but whenever I tried it on, out of curiosity, I’d find myself feeling like I was in drag. Bizarrely, this has never extended to make up. I’m quite happy to plaster myself in that… but then, I suppose, gothic and punkish make up doesn’t really count, does it? 🙂

    Over the last couple of years I’ve got increasingly daring. Buying coloured items at first, then patterned and then coloured, patterned items. I started to wear dresses!! I began to see that you could be feminine without being girly. I have the frilly sticky out skirts these days but I wear them with big stompy boots. George do Alice shoes for £7 and I have a couple of pairs of these for days when I just want to slip footwear on quickly & go. Technically I suppose they are girly but because they’re childlike in design I prefer to think of it as embracing the big kid in me. 🙂

    • Funny you should mention those shoes- I picked up a pair the other day for a quid, and i have a red canvas pair that i havent worn yet, so hey ho.
      I do wear make up- but I cant do heels anymore. Ive started wearing a bit more colour myself, and i have converted some jeans to skirts- stuff like that.
      Depends on what kind of a day i`m having I guess.This cold weather will no doubt see me wearing more jeans and boots, and big ol` wumpers again!

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