“Oh the weather outside is frightful…”

Hello. I am writing this, sat at the kitchen counter, gazing whistfully out through the rain speckled window. The sky is the colour of doom, and the trees are doing some kind of Kate Bush “Wuthering Heights” dance, but in here its nice and cozy, so its time to do a bit of bloggage.  🙂

So, yes, its the school holidays, and it has been a while since my last post, mainly due to life going its merry way, and being too busy to plug myself in to the information super highway!

What have we been up to of late? Well, on the last weekend of July, we took a trip over to Anglesey, to Sw- Mor- Mon (Anglesey Sea Zoo). I had never been before, and before I even got there, I couldn`t get over their idyllic location. The road literally runs alongside the Menai estuary ( I believe thats what it was anyway) and the views are breathtaking.

This was all lost on madam I hasten to add, who managed to whizz through through the whole building in just short of an hour. She did however pause to look at some crabs who seened to be having a chat, and then was quite fearful of the one who came up to her from the other side of the glass.

We also were perused by a rather freaky octopus, who was initially hiding when we entered the room, then I saw him, drifting around like a mutant umberella, so i took a quick snap.

So, we did the standard “exit through the gift shop”, and went to have our picnic lunch in the little park/ playground to the front of the building. I was sat there, thinking “yes, this is how I wanted it, the perfect family day out”, but then fate took a hand and promptly Madam got stung on the finger by an angry wasp! Screaming and crying followed shortly after, and I was thankful that I had packed the first aid kit, insect bite spray, and a flask of iced water- the latter being the most effective when we sat her down and dunked her finger.

Anyway- that put paid to our morning of fun, and we piled back into the car to go and look for a beach. we drove less than a mile further on, and came to a little pull- in (I think it was one of those natural beauty viewpoint layby thingies) so we got out and went collecting shells. Madam soon forgot her sting, then whe got back in the car once more. and trogged along the road again.

No more than a minute further on was Foel Farm Park, so we went in to have a much needed cuppa at their cafe. Then after a bit of discussion, we decided to go in and see the animals. Corn bought, we went in.

It is basically a petting farm, with goats, sheep, cows, pigs, chickens and ducks, and a smaller shed of rabbits, but for little kids, its a whole world of smelly fun! Madam took great delight in feeding Queenie the big white shire horse that we met on the tractor ride up to the top field, then we came back and she got to bottle feed a lamb.

It was actually a lovely afternoon. Not too taxing, enough to keep younguns amused for a couple of hours. We fed the chickens, then had a bounce on a massive pillow- which was fairly hair raising at times!

All too soon it was time to go home, but as we were leaving the wonderful isle of Anglesey, oh noes, we missed out turn and were headed for the old Menai bridge! Cue another quick photo opportunity…

And so we wended our weary way home, with a small tired person nodding off in the back with her bag of shells and a shark on a stick. Thankyou Anglesey for an eventful day.

Next post will be a recap about bits and bobs, and in particular a step by step to making a cardboard theatre 🙂

until then, thanks for dropping by!


~ by Zoe on August 10, 2011.

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