Cardboard Castle

Good evening.

This is going to be mostly a quick post in pictures tonight, just to show you how we whiled away another rainy summers day trapped in the house.

First off, you will need:

A large cardboard box- or sheet of corrugated card.

kitchen roll, ripped into strips

PVA Glue

Assorted Acrylic paints

Black permenant marker

Drinking straws or lolly sticks

Cardboard cereal box

sticky tape

scrap fabric

Step 1. Take either 3 sides of your cardboard box, or fold your sheet of card into roughly thirds as above. Cut out a large window in the centre panel- this is your stage! We took some of the scraps to add turrets, bricks and a tent style roof to add a bit of depth and texture.

Step 2

To make sure the cardboard bits and bobs didnt fall off, we got some watered down pva glue, and dabbled strips of kitchen roll into it, then laid it over the upper layered bits, taking care to lightly press down around the edges to retain the definition.

Another view of it, just to give you more idea of what we are after.

Ok, so, imagine that we are now at the part where all of the papier mache/kitchenroll stuff is done and drying…

Step 3

Time to make the puppets! To do this, simply draw your characters on the flattened cereal packet, then cut out and paint with the acrylic paint.

Step 4

Once your puppet paintwork is dry, draw in the detail with black permenent marker pen.

Step 5

Stick on your straws with the sticky tape.

Step 6

Now that your “theatre” is dry, its time to paint it up. We used acrylics again for this job, but im sure poster paint, or even okd leftover emulsion would work just as well.

Step 7

Let your creation dry out. Fortunately the sun had briefly made an appearance by this time, so we were able to lay it out in the sunshine.

Step 8

Now that your paintwork is dry, outline all of your detailing, to make it really stand out!

Step 9

Its time to put on a show! (Tip- I strung a bit of old fabric as a stage curtain behind the cutout section to hide the puppeteer!)

You could make a rocket or ufo stage with alien puppets, or what about a pirate ship with mermaids and scurvy seadogs?

The most important thing is- HAVE FUN!


~ by Zoe on August 11, 2011.

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