Missing in action…

I dont know where the time has gone since the last post. More than 10 days. Abysmal.

umm so.. a quicky recap..this is from my paper diary as reference, and really more for me as a refresher- but feel free to comment if anything is pertinent. Comments are always welcome!

12th. Dropped Madam at her mums and went with my Mister to his hospital appointment with the Gastro consultant. Upshot is diagnosis of Barretts osophagus, which will probably be treated with lazer- the tablets they have him on are not working, and he has been having stomach pain recently too. Consultant suggested he refer him for a C T scan of his pancreas. round and round we go eh. Spent the first night at mums dogsitting. Watched a good programme on the history of the festival scene- think it was a BBC one. Smallest dog gave me a fairly terrible night of whining.

13th. Paid some bills online. Hoovering. Ebay listing. Office sorting. Another disturbed night dogwise.

14th. quick clean of bathroom. More ebaying. more sorting. (in diary there is a list of Pancreas cleansing foods!)More doggety shenannigans!

15th. Family back from their jaunt to Bloodstock. Quick hoover and ran the dishwasher before their return. Got home and put washing in.

16th.  No idea- caught up with housework probably! Ah yes. Mister bought tickets to see Big Country at Central Station in Wrexham!

17th. Madam up being sick and coughing. Due to go to a party for her half sister- had to be collected early. Poor little devil went straight to bed and slept right through.

18th. Madam made miraculous recovery- thank god . All slept in late after yesterday- which was a late one for us ( she kept coughing in the night). Did a bit of re- enforcement to the willow arch and fence we have, then went for a shower and got ready to go out. Dropped our lady off at my mums (thank you mum! Star!) and went to the gig!

Glen Matlock

Big Country with Mike Peters

Believe it or not, that was the first gig we have ever been to as a couple- like a proper date night. It felt weird. I had 2 halves of cider and black, and felt immensely tired- we didnt even stay for the encore!
19th. Up and ready fairly early. Took Madam for her 5 hour visit to her mum. Made an impromtu stop at a friends and took a carload of stuff to help their house move. On to B&Q to get a saw and look at their sheds (again).
20th.  Day in the garden with madam, then stuff on the computer. Laundry. Boys watching football. Ebay.
21st.  God knows where this day went.Alien Abduction? Ebay swallowed some of it.
22nd. Feel like crap- think I have the flu or something. Mister up early to go for blood test. He came back, I got up and got madam ready to go to her mums for her afternoon of doing bugger all. Cleaned kitchen floor, Laundry, dusting and hoovering. Dragging self around. Ears are giving me pain.
And we are up to date! hoorah. I want to do 2 seperate posts for saturday and today… leave that with me.
I hope you guys are all having fun times!
More soon. Sorry Jean, no cheese in this post!

~ by Zoe on August 23, 2011.

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