Shopping extras..

Ok, its no secret that I enjoy shopping, and in particular, grocery shopping- because its all about that full- cupboard feeling. Its like being a squirrel, storing up your nuts for the winter or something! Anyway, 2 quick  things  that pleased me today.

Mum dropped in on her way back from the market this morning, and brought us a lovely surprise :

Plums and cherries are up there with my favorite fruits, so now I will have to make something delicious with them- if they don`t get whoofed up before I get around to it!

Second good thing. Me and Jessie went to Aldi to get some groceries this afternoon…( I love Aldi- so there!)

Anyway, when I go shopping, I only take the bare bones of a list- then all this other stuff seems to miraculously leap into the trolley!  Four stowaways today were:

Impulse buys

Ok, so firstly a whole watermelon for 99p. I thought this was a bargain and we had already chomped half before I even got my coat off practically- so here is the remaining  half!

Spanish Hot chocolate. Saw this in the little Aldi magazine- and I was sold on the tin! God, I am such a consumer! It was £2.99 too! Holy hell- we only normally have instant hot chocolate for less than a quid a jar!

Spanish extra virgin olive oil- or `EVOO’ as they lovingly call it on the reciept! £2.59. But I liked the bottle! *Has guilt*…

Finally, Very Lazy Garlic! For my very lazy cooking! Ho ho! Nearly bought fresh- but I don`t use garlic as often as I should- so I figured this might last slightly longer. Lazy me! £1.29 (well spent i`m sure 😉  )

And thats that!

We did also buy some mini ballpoint pens, but they were Jessie`s little impulse buy, so my concience is clear! (I am training my little padawan well!)

Until next time,


~ by Zoe on August 25, 2011.

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