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I was looking for a pastry recipe the other day (apple pie related post), when it dawned on me how many cook books I have, and yet I never use them! I always refer back to my tried and tested concoctions that I have handwritten in the last few years in the book I refer to fondly as “Dave`s Bible”.

Dave`s Bible

I was given this one Christmas by a good friend of ours, known to all as Fluffy. He  sensed I had a thing for handmade books, and Lo! Behold the Bible! I kept it for ages.. I didnt want to sully its pages! But then I decided I was going to turn it into a sort of recipe book come household hints, and a scrapbook for  charming tidbits of information pertinent to me. Its faded a bit now, and its got some spillages on the pages- which add to its charm.

Anyway- I digress. Why do I have all of these cookbooks, when I have the internet at my fingertips, and Daves Bible to hand? I am pondering this, as I look at the pile of books here.

Do I keep them because I read or refer to them? Nope.

Are they here through guilt? Possibly. I find throwing books away probably the most abhorrent thing to do.

And Then theres the ones recieved as gifts. One feels the duty to keep them.Well this `one’  does!

Aaaanyhoos, my cookery books seem to fall into 3 catagories.

Catagory 1

The Impulse Purchases

These are usually found at flea markets, book clearance shops and car boot sales. They prey on my feelings of guilt, and bargain huntery-ness. I guess its a bit like when you see the poor forlorn cuddly toy sat on its own on the shelf- and you buy it through pity. Well, thats kind of me and books. So I buy these cook books because they are a bargain, I kid myself into thinking I need them, and worry that if I dont save them, they will go in the bin- (hording tendancies- I know!)

Catagory 2

The Celebrity Cook- book

Something I have recieved over the years as Christmas prezzies. A celebrity cookbook is not something I would buy for myself- and I just know I have recieved these as a result of WH Smith`s Tv advertisements!

The Hugh F W one was a nice cozy read during a winters afternoon, but I don`t think I have ever even looked at the others!(A lie- I may have consulted Delia n a crisis!)

Catagory 3

The Vintage cookbooks

Now, I have to admit, these are my guilty pleasure, and I do have a few more, currently in storage. Who can resist the colour plates of glazed hams and hardboiled egg salads, beaming out at you in glorious technicolour! Oh its a little bit of heaven, and a step back into the heady word of the 1950`s hostess.

Actually- I`m sure the 50`s were far from glorious for most- but these books do also invoke in me a sense of my Nan`s cooking- especially around Christmas-time. She was a fabulous cook,proper oldschool, and my domestic idol. She wasted not, always had a cake or pie on the go, and looked after my Gramps like a king!

So I guess the third group are nostalgic, and sometimes a little on the novelty side too! And what self respecting `domestic- gothess’ ™ could resist `The Dracula Cookbook’ ? I haven`t actually attempted any of these recipes but there is something for everyone- and perfect for a Halloween dinner party!

( If you would like an excerpt, I am willing! Just leave me a comment. The illustrations are to die for!)

And so it is time for the prattling to cease.

until next time


~ by Zoe on August 30, 2011.

2 Responses to “Cookery Bookery”

  1. Heh, I’d forgotten about that book. I’ve got a similar looking one myself, I’d never thought of putting recipes in it, what a great idea. 🙂

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