`So you wanna be a Rock n Roll star’…

Bloody Art Attack (Disney Channel). *Shakeyfist*…

Wednesday Saw me fighting with parcel tape and cardboard, to sate a 6 year old`s need for a “rock guitar like Jassa made”.

I had barely dried my hands from the morning washing up, and there was the request. With only one week left of the summer holidays, I vowed to put a bit more time in with the kid, so, into the making box I dove. (The making box is a big cardboard box in the corner of the kitchen where I stash used egg boxes, cereal boxes, tissue, newspaper, cardboard tubes…think Blue Peter).

Sooo. What did we need?

A shoebox. (we didnt have one, so we substituted with a cereal bar box.)

Cardboard. (Cereal Box- recycling see!)

Paint  (Acrylic- so it doesn`t go all manky and cracked)

Tape, Scissors, Glitter Glue (optional) Ordinary pva glue, tissue- anything handy really.

When we had discussed the construction of Jassa`s wonderful instrument (snigger), It sounded a bit crap. It was basically the drawing of a guitar on a sheet of cardboard, with a hole cut in and a shoebox and rubber bands taped to it at the back.

*We can do better than that* I thought…

So, I cut a front and back for the body of the guitar, one with a hole in the middle. Then we taped the box behind that, and re cut the hole. Then we threaded pieces of rubber band through pierced holes in the front (just over the hole) then stuck the other guitar shape on the back.

Next, I filled in the sides with offcuts of card, sticking them with parcel tape. I also squashed a kitchen roll tube, which became the neck of the guitar, and cobbled together a guitar head, and tuning pegs from pipecleaners.

Then, I realised the tape would be rubbish to paint over, so we covered the taped areas with tissue stuck on with PVA glue.

We then left it in the sun to dry, I made a cuppa and went to check the tomatoes and Jessie went on the trampoline…

Sad green tomatoes. Even Razzle was unimpressed!

Eventually the guitar was dry and it was time to paint it! Jessie drew her design out , chose her colours, and got to work!

Patience now…let it dry, then go over the outlines and detail with a permenent marker pen.

Then.. ROCK OUT!!!

"Kerrrchaaaangggg" !

We spent the rest of the evening being serenaded by a pint size Lonnie Donnigan!

(I think we will get her a proper one soon- there is definate potential there!)

Until next time,


~ by Zoe on September 2, 2011.

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