lets recycle some fabric…

Ok, so, its no surprise to people that know me to hear me confess that I have a problem with throwing stuff away.

(Lets not mention the jamjar hording fixation- I think I can offload some to a freecycler- so the guilt is diminishing.)

Anyhoos, Jessie was at a loose end on her last few days of the summer holiday, and it was a sunny day- so we started out by doing some painting and drawing using oil pastels and watercolour techniques.

She got fed up with that fairly quickly- so I decided it might be a nifty idea if  I taught her to do 3 strand braiding/plaiting.

I had been sorting out my fabric scrap sack at the time, so I cut her some strands, tied them to the back of the garden chair, and set her to work…

left, right, left, right...

After a bit of a hesitant start, she really got into it, and soon I was adding strands every couple of minutes, and winding the growing braid into a ball. I think we ended up with a rope about 10 metres long, which was a brilliant start, and as you can see, was to be added to the recycled spiral rug.

When she did finally tire of her labours, she started to dig through the scraps, and cocked her eye on some choice items with which she decided to have a go at fashion design with her dolls…

move over Viv Westwood...

And finally, presenting the Oddy Doodle autumn/winter collection 2011!

Until next time,


~ by Zoe on September 7, 2011.

One Response to “lets recycle some fabric…”

  1. LOL a creative star in the making there methinks 🙂 Classic! xo

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