Pieces of eight…

Just a quicky tonight, and if you are on my facebook friends list, you will have already seen this, but indulge me 🙂 .

Last week I spent Thursday and Friday knocking together a pirate outfit for Jessie to wear to her friends 7th birthday party.

This was made all the more complicated by the fact that I could only work while Jessie was in school- so I didnt have any physical reference for size/length and whatnot. However..

Confession time. I misjudged the jacket, cut it far too narrow, and had to put a panel in the back to give her a bit more room- it did the trick.

And, as you know by now, my recycling head was well and truly on whilst making this costume. The buttons were new- but bought from a clearance sale (I have been hording them far too long). The red fabric was leftover scrap from a custom suit, and the hat and black turnback on the coat were made from old pvc trousers. The shirt is just a faux front stitched in (This was to deter the little madam from stripping off her costume as soon as she got to the party!)

So, bearing in mind this was to be worn for 2 hours at a kids party, I think I may have gone a little overboard on it- but thats me all over!

"Avast ye Landlubber"!

She loved having the foundation and eyeshadow on, and after this photo, she even had black glitter nail varnish added!

I wouldn`t have bothered blogging (or remembered) but for Offbeat Mama reminding me that it is `talk like a pirate day’ next week sometime, and they were asking people to send in photo`s of their kids in pirate mode- so I obliged.

I am now going to spend the evening doing a bit of hand sewing (after story time), and then its more slog on the mystery fur outfit for an un-named celebrity in the morrow!

until next time,


~ by Zoe on September 13, 2011.

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