Autumn ramblings

The last couple of weeks have seen a marked change in the weather, and Autumn seems to be well and truly here – its blowing a gale outside right now actually!

Friday morning, on a whim, I decided to take the dog over onto the beach, and on the way I noticed the amazing amount of blackberries over on the common. I grabbed a small bagful, but Razzle was being impatient, so I made a mental note to go back with Jessie later.

-Since Jessie has gone back to school, we have had the odd newsletter sent home, and in one of these it mentioned that they would be learning about the seasons, and they are also going to The Forest school to learn how to build dens and make campfires and whatnot.

So yeah, Friday eavning we bundled up, and spent a good couple of hours braving the brambles, and our efforts were rewarded in about 2lb of blackberries in the end. It was turning to dusk by the time we quit, and it was a bonus to see all the wild rabbits leaping about in the last of the suns rays.

Saturday. I had it in my head to go for a lovely stroll in the park with Jessie, and for us to go kicking leaves, and finding acorns and conkers and whatnot. Of course, because of this, it was tipping it down when we got up. However, not to be deterred, we braved the rain and tramped around a cold soggy park, until the elements got the better of us.

all jolly before the rain

We did actually get qute a few of autumnal castoffs, although we were rather late to get many conkers.

Jessie holding up a tree! (sort of)

Rain stopped play in the end. We gave up, and came home, and the it truly lashed down all the way back!

Today, I took the dog on the beach again. Hopefully, and weather permitting, it will become a fairly regular thing, so I will leave you with a few quick snaps I took on my phone…

Raz in the stinky shells

view inland from the dunes

I really do love living so close to the sea. It reminds me so much of spending time at our grandparents when we were kids.They lived right on the sea front, so many childhood memories hark back to long beachy days. Another reason for my fondness of the sea is I don`t have the best sense of direction, and my theory is, if I know where the sea is, I can navigate from there (yes mental, I know :)! )

Anyway, enough waffling,

Have a good evening, and sleep well!


~ by Zoe on September 19, 2011.

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