Blackberry ponderings

I`ve just been a blackberrying. I bought extra sugar this week to force my hand, so I have now returned, stained, and armed with a happy kilo of hedgerow fruit 🙂

It takes a while, blackberry picking, and it gives me time to ponder on things.

Jessie asked me last night, “why can`t we see the wind”? How do you answer something like that? I said ” we can`t see the wind, but we know it is there because we can see it blowing the trees, and we can feel it on our faces”.

This then led on to a discussion about `how do blind people understand the concept of colour’, and we discussed how people develop their other senses if one is failing. She also asked me if birds can see colour. Thanks to the power of the internet, we discovered that birds not only see in colour, but can also see ultraviolet.

Later that evening, I caught a bit of a programme about UFO`s  (dont ask) and vision cropped up again. Some guy had captured a glowing orb on video when he was filming planes at an airport. He claimed he hadn`t seen it until he played the tape back. To cut to the chase, they concluded that UFO`s had some kind of infra red cloaking capability- so they could be recorded, but not seen by the naked eye. Oof, my poor brain.

More news told of scientist being able to turn brain activity into visual recordings or some such. As I put on my facebook, it made me think of the gizmo to record vision in Wim Wenders film `Until the end of the world’. will it only be a matter of time before we too are obsessed with recording our dreams, then replaying them, or uploading them onto the internet- youtube style?!

This then led me on to thinking about the piece on the news, about Einstein being disproved, and that some things can move faster than the speed of light- which theoretically means that time travel is possible. I started to boggle. Are there other dimensions around us moving simultaneously that we just can`t see?

And, breathe.

I guess this is a bit of a departure from my usual cosy twaddle. Blame the blackberries!

Not wanting to dissapoint, yesterday was quite idyllic. Boiled eggs and soldiers for breakfast, then a walk on the beach with the dog, poking around the rockpools, where we found these beauties..

I sat with Jessie while she did her homework, then she asked me to make her some stencils of an acorn and an oak leaf (she`s been drawing with stencils at school this week).

While she did that, I went outside and trimmed all the lavender flowers which were now dried sufficiently, and Jess helped me de- head some, while I got the dinner on.

And that pretty much sums up yesterday really. We will overlook the uneaten roast dinner and other small cantankerous outbursts 😉  .

Anyway, I have a date with this little lot…

So, until next time, thanks for stopping by!


~ by Zoe on September 25, 2011.

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