He he! Well, thats what i`ve been doing today, or, taking the stall down to be exact. We thought we would take advantage of the good, nay boiling weather we have had this past week and get the stall set up and measured out ready for Whitby Gothic Weekend, which is the first week of November (tickets still available folks!)

So now it is stashed in my little van with the box of brackets. Now all I need to do is sort out the back sheets and stock.

I am still working on a rather bizarre punked up Little Lord Fauntleroy outfit:

Rough design

Fortunately a certain furry outfit has now been boxed off, so its not shedding its fluffy load all over the house!

Now I have 3 weeks or thereabouts to possibly work out some new designs and get some things made up in time. Ahh, the joys of self employment! Add to that my having to get the accounts ready, and oh wow, what a joyful month lies ahead for me! (Not).

Its of course been doubly difficult concentrating on anything with the gorgeous weather outside, but does mean that we are getting a little bit further with the zo hut. We are trying to build the whole thing with reclaimed and salvaged wood  and we dropped lucky with a load of bricks the other day- but they will need cleaning up. The other find was a load of wood from a neighbours skip, which is nice treated timber, prefect for the base.

The rest of the sunny weather saw a couple of afternoons drifting on the beach and finding things in amongst the rocks..


Unfortunately we brought 2 crabs home amongst our beach treasure on the Thursday, so we had to go back on the Friday to set them free! Thats a chore eh! Still, the weather has kicked up again now, so i`m glad we grabbed the sun when we did.  🙂

Well, the accounts are calling, so I must away!

Hey, while i`ve got you here, give me some feedback if you have a mo. Am I boring you with my inane waffle, and if so, what can I do to improve it ? Help me out here eh!

Anyway, thanks for dropping by,


~ by Zoe on October 3, 2011.

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