Time flies by…An update of sorts…

Wow, it feels like an eternity since I last wrote something! I`m a very bad me indeed for neglecting the blog. So without further adoo, I will try to recap in words and pictures…

Little Lord Sensible!

Ok, so , the first part of September got given over to the construction of 2 stage outfits for Captain Sensible.

The Damned started a world tour to celebrate 35 years together, doing 2 iconic albums back to back and the tour began on the 20th September… Anyway, The Captain asked me for a Little Lord Fauntleroy style outfit with a twist incorporating `The Blue Boy’ by Gainsborough, so I did a bit of research and came up with the sketch you may have seen in a previous post. Knocking some ideas back and forth we added eyelets, sissy bows and to top it all off, a skull and crossbones with a beret in silver lame and red pvc!

I was also commissioned to re-create a rather iconic pink and yellow number from their early days, which graced a single cover and countless posters- but I am reliably informed that it will debut in the uk- so enough said. All being well I will catch up with them in November when they get back to the uk- we are gonna try for the Manchester date.

All the sewing made Jessie want to learn to sew, so we made a pattern for her doll, and away she went !

To be honest, I think she enjoyed the decorating more than the making- but , start em young eh! Just hoping she doesn`t rebel and go all R&B on us in a few years!

Bogroll the Bat!

We do a lot of creating in our kitchen- can you tell? Poor Paul stands the clutter and mess so well!

In between making things for orders, I have been doing a few Halloween crafts and decorations with madam to keep her amused.

We made the bat (see above) pumpkins, assorted halloween paintings with her little friend Liza, and yesterday we made our pumpkin lanterns ready for monday 🙂

There was a firework display over the back at a leisure complex last night, so we stood on the back step and ooh`d and ahh`d!

Paul took some cracking snaps- here are a few I cobbled together 🙂

It was a lovely way to round up the day. Even Razzle sat in my arms watching them, turning her head in that funny way Jack Russell`s do when they hear funny noises. She wasn`t in the least bit scared !  🙂

So thats us about up to date! I have also been doing a lot of stall stock organising, making of things, stressing, housework and dogwalking- but you hear enough about all that on a regular basis, so I won`t bore you!

So until next time, have a Happy Halloween, a Blazing Bonfire night, and I will see you guys when we get back from our Gothic Weekend and Jessie`s Birthday in North Yorkshire!


~ by Zoe on October 30, 2011.

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