A Damned good weekend, and recap..

I know, I have been totally crap, and havent posted for nearly a month!

Anyway, here I am, still basking in the afterglow of a truly legendary saturday night out, when we went to see The Damned at Manchester Academy, on their 35th anniversary tour.

We made good time getting to the venue- and queued for a bit in the mild weather, forceably entertained by a passing fire juggler- who`s patter needed work! Still, he squoze some sympathy dosh out of us, then it was time to go in.

Captain had kindly put us on the guest list, so we were ushered round to the other door, then disaster struck! We were not on the list!! Arghh! Fortunately Capt had given me his number when we were discussing stagewear, so although I felt immensely fangirlish, I called him up.

Cut to the chase- he got us in, and we had a nice chat to him upstairs before the gig, where he regailed us with tales of the Glitter Band, festivals, backstage fun and games, and loads of other random stuff. Then he was off to get ready.

The next time we saw him, he was onstage sporting the now much maligned furry suit. I say this because, as I feared, and am now reliably informed, it was bloomin hot to wear! Capt said that he was glad that the first set was only 29 minutes long, and as he dropped trou over the stage fan to cool off, I could totally sympathise!

The first set just flew by, with the band belting out each number with so much energy and enthusiasm- they were clearly loving every minute! The crowd lapped it up- bobbing  about like a human sea bathed in the stage smoke and lights…

After a brief and well deserved interval, The Damned re- appeared for The Black Album section of the night. I was beside myself with joy as Captain was wearing the top that I brought him as a thankyou gift. I stood beaming, singing along and bobbing about whilst trying to take pictures and absorb every last drop of the electric atmosphere.

And all too soon the encore whizzed by, and we were grabbing a final last drink in the bar, while we waited for the live recording of the gig to be transferred to cd. Yep, these guys sure have their finger on the pulse where technology is concerned! Capt popped over for another quick chat, then we had to bid our farewells, and wend our way home through the foggy night.

It took a good couple of hours for us to wind down when we got home, so we popped the cd on and looked at our collective photo`s of the night. The quality of the recording was remarkable- it is an absolute must-have, and would make an amazing gift for any self respecting fan this Christmas!

Review by my better half ,Paul HERE with links to youtube.

So, I will get around to a recap of Whitby Gothic Weekend when I grab a minute, but for now, I hope this will suffice.

Many thanks to Mr Sensible for his kind hospitality, and to The Damned for totally surpassing expectation!

Until next time,


~ by Zoe on November 23, 2011.

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