Holidays are coming…

This is only a silly little quick post, because, as I have Jessie to entertain, I have decided to set the task of `make a holiday craft with instructions every day up until the 22nd December’. And so ,this is a little `toe in the water’ to see if anyone would like me to think something up, or have a go at something. Set me a challenge!  I`m still trying to get feedback and comments on my blog- so any help would be appreciated!

We have set Jessie the task of writing to Santa tonight, so I am preparing myself for something mind boggling. She has grown up so much this year! I can`t find a picture of last years, so here is the year before`s..

It`s mad to think that this time last year we were getting our first sprinklings of snow. Me and Tarah were doing our stall at Hard Rock Hell at Prestatyn Pontins.

Because of this, I missed the school christmas fayre. I vowed I would not miss it this year- so when it clashed, I decided not to do my stall-but  then they changed the fayre dates- so it wouldnt have clashed- but its too late to book it now 😦

I`m not gonna dwell. I have a tonne of stuff that needs doing- chair covers, curtains, painting, allsorts- so I will knuckle down to that lot instead 🙂 There`s a lot to be said for making your home nice 🙂

And so, I will leave you with last years happy snowman. Wonder if he will pay us a visit this year?

until next time- drop me a line!




~ by Zoe on November 25, 2011.

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