The School Play.

Jessie is in the school play again this year. It came upon us suddenly. Firstly she got mixed up with her school christmas fayre,and told us she was needed to wear pyjamas to school and sell chocolate buttons, which got me rather confused and nervous. However, a school letter home cleared all that up.

So, she is `child on christmas eve- number ?’. Her lines are: “Christmas Eve is my favorite night of the year, all those lovely presents”. I hope she hasn`t been typecast!

Last year they based the play on Christmas around the world, and Jessie was a welsh lady:

I felt a bit bad about the large hat- but I was copying from a BBC News article, and I like my authenticity me! (I made a last minute costume).

The year before she was in the nativity as an angel- no typecasting there! Hee hee!

Again, I made the costume..with about a day to spare!

Jessie goes to quite a religious school- so they always work the nativity into the proceedings somewhere.

I on the other hand, had a rather different experience..

That year we were doing a selection of nursery rhymes. I was Little Miss Muffet, and my friend Sarah was the Spider.

For the second year, we must have had some kind of nerdy sci fi loving teacher, because they managed to weave the spirit of christmas into an episode of Doctor Who! (See BBC, we were years ahead of the game!)

I cant remember the thread, but I remember there were Zeethabobs, Jelly Monsters, and one of the dads heroically made a Tardis. I wonder if there are any pictures of the stage anywhere…

I dont remember the character I played, but I definately remember this photo being taken. I had asked to go to the toilet, but I was told `after the picture’- hence my contortion and grimace!

Still, I bet things dont change in the costume department.. I believe there are reindeer in this years production. No doubt there are parents out there now, hunting for brown jumpers and tights, and the kids will appear on stage with a cardboard hat with a reindeers face on! Thankfully we got off lightly this year, and I have only had to get Jess some lovely pyjamas.  🙂 Lets hope this bodes for a smooth sailing festive season….

But I am already fearing what I will be asked to come up with next!

Until next time,


~ by Zoe on November 27, 2011.

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