The last few days…

Cor, Christmas brings with it its own kind of madness doesn`t it! Especially when you have kids around! I believe it comes from the odour of boxed up decorations!

 Yeah, so, since the first, what did we do?

1st.. I think we made snowflakes- this is a yearly request from Jessie- and her first chance to chop up loads of bits of paper all over the front room!

2nd.. Jessie made more snowflakes, which left me to have a go at something I have been meaning to have a go at since my sis gave me the idea. She said, why not make a ball from all the poppy heads I dried. Well, I had no polystyrene ball, so I improvised with a scrunched tin foil ball. I bostik-ed the heads in- so i hope its ok and doesnt disintegrate. Might spray it white…

3rd..We spent the day putting the christmas tree and decorations.

4th..Paperwork-both acounts and paperchain hanging- I took advantage of our little madam being at her mums for the afternoon. Oh, and me and Paul went and did  a quick bit of Christmas shopping- we got trapped inside because it threw it down, so we ended up £60 lighter! When our little lady got home, I promised she could paint the branches I had got for a table decoration. 10 minutes in, and she was bored, so muggins finished the job!

5th.. More shopping, and this evening in a frenzy of  pretend welsh and singing to the radio, we made birds from recycled Christmas cards and wrapping paper. This made Jessie late getting in the bath- so it was quickly out, story and bed tonight.

Oh yeah, and I decided to brave the crappy weather outside and put the lights up around the front door, with the aid of some copper wire, part of an old plastic greenhouse frame and some trimmings from next doors holly tree! Pity I didnt make it a bit taller, but hey ho. I think it looks ok 🙂

I an sat here watching John Hughes films – St Elmo`s Fire, and now Pretty in Pink- and i`m fighting the wave of sleep that wants to grab me! Done a bit more bookwork tonight, plus washing up, laundry and sorting out . A little every day makes you feel better 🙂

And now I had better sod off and grab some zees. More stuff tomorrow no doubt!

I leave you with a picture of our mad little madam!

until next time,


~ by Zoe on December 5, 2011.

One Response to “The last few days…”

  1. Brilliant, feel loads more festive after that thanks Zo x

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