2 days left…

Of school that is. Then the little cherubs are off until the third of January. Well, our little cherub is.

Ready for the school Christmas party..

It feels like the end of term aready to me, cos Jessie brought loads of random crap home , plus their PE kits ready for laundering. I think it also feels a bit more like Christmas because I am starting to tick boxes in my head of things I am trying to get done before the 24th…however…

I still have neglected to make the patchwork blinds, or the covers for the front room chairs. We can now also add to the list a satchel which I intend to spray red- but it has been too rainy or windy for that sort of thing- its not something I can do in the house because of the fumes!

"please paint me"!

You may know I am a bit of a horder, and also a bit of and ebayer and market trader. Well, this is normally a bone of contention- namely the various boxes of crap stacked up corners around the house. But..It has proved an invaluable asset in the run up to Christmas. Basically, Jessie has not noticed the random boxes ad mysterious bin bags of strange shapes manifesting themselves all over the house- because she is so used to this sort of thing!

However- let it be known, I shall be trying to squirrel it all out of the way before Christmas is here (add it to the list!)

Speaking of wildlife, there were 4 magpies in the garden this morning, and one returned this afternoon to do his best to steal one of the `bird balls’ from the tree outside! I have thrown a load of mealworms, wholemeal bread and bird seed on the bird table and yard for them now. Weirdly- there was a sparrow out there at 6 last night, forraging about in the flowerbed in the dark. He made me jump- (I had gone out to bin some paper). Aren`t birds supposed to go roost when it gets dark? Was this little guy confused? I have put a load of seed in the flowerbed for him now too- although knowing my luck he will totally ignore it, and I will end up with a load of corn sprouting up come the spring!

 In other news my wellington boots still haven`t arrived. It has been over a week since I sent the others back. Really would have liked silver and black striped wellies- now instead I have had to pay extra- and the only pair I could see as a replacement were white with ladybirds on.

Welly fiasco alert

 Not very me. hmm. I felt rushed to make a decision, so there we go.

The washing up is calling, and I have to run small person a bath now too, so I will leave you with a couple of `artifacts’ retrieved from the school in the last couple of days…

Until next time,


~ by Zoe on December 14, 2011.

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