A happy Christmas..

..and thankyou for generally being fabulous!

***I am rather late with this blog entry, it originally having been composed around New Years Eve day and night, and what with the usual family chaos of the festive season, I was away from the computer a fair bit. So, excuse the strange present- tense, and take yourself back to New Years evening a while…***

I am sat here finishing off my coffee, watching the New Years Eve Saturday kitchen on tv, and lusting after their little green mini egg barbeque they have on the worktop.

Family life has been especially hectic over Christmas, so I didn`t get to blog half as much as I wanted to.

So,What did I get for Christmas? I noticed a few people listing their plunder, so here is mine!

Paul gave me a bottle of my favorite perfume- Boudoir, and a Demeter sugar and spice fragrance-which is lip smackingly lovely!

Mum and Marc really spoiled me this year. I got a red polkadot mixing bowl, with a mini rolling pin and whopping scone cutter, a red lady dustpan and brush, and a red polkadot cake stand.

My lovely sister bought me- not only the gorgeous handmade mexican glasses that I hinted rather heavily about, but also a pair or purple and black baseball boots, and a Peanuts family wall chart- which is already up with everyones birthdays on it!

Not only that, but I was treated to a surprise prezzie by the lovely Roy (Sis`s BF) of a Nick Cave T shirt!

Jessie presented me with a gorgeous stoneware mug with red hearts all over, and a set of heart cookie cutters, and a choccy orange.

My Best friend Ali gave me a wonderful book- which is for me to write lots of my life tales in, and a lovely Parker pen to write in it. She also gave us all some sweeties- spoilt we are!

Tracy gave be a spotty cup and saucer full of chocolates! Sweet!

Some of my wonderful gifts!

I think that was it.Overwhelming compared to last year, and it gave me a bit of a guilty feeling. But I am so grateful to have such a great family and friends that have been so generous to me.I feel very blessed.

While we are doing lists, I think I may do a summing up of the year, but I will save that for a dedicated entry of its own I think!

Christmas itself was probably the same for us as for most people. Eating the obligatory turkey dinner, too much chocolate, but we didnt open the crimbo pud, and only cut the christmas cake 2 days ago!

I hope you are all having a wonderful time tonight! Cheers!

Until next time…


~ by Zoe on January 3, 2012.

One Response to “A happy Christmas..”

  1. Glad you had a good one mate. You lot sound like us with regards the food still to eat. Di has had stomach pains ever since bless her lol. Oh well. We had a great time too and it was fab that we got to spend some time with you at long last. We get there in the end eh lmao. Back to the uni work for me now, and Di has been back to work for a while, but we won’t forget the fact that this Christmas was actually nicer than we really expected it to be thanks to our friends and family. Cheers for that Fluffster. Love you lots xoxo

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