and that was 2011!

Now, you know what its like when you need to sit and write- a thousand and one other things suddenly clamour for attention. And so, I  finally find myself with an afternoon to myself, bleach cooking my roots nicely, and St Elmo`s Fire on in the background, and I am grabbing the opportunity!

And so, dear reader, we pick up where we left off- where I had split my original blog entry from one to two, and decided to concentrate on a summing up of the year…

.. I think I may do a summing up of the year…

January was basically stressful and hectic for me, as Paul`s back suddenly flared up, and he ended up flat out in bed because the pain was just too bad. He wound up having an emergency epidural which eventually sorted it out. January was also celebrating my Mums birthday, and crafting wise, I made patchwork curtains from an old duvet cover for Jessies room.

February saw Paul still making a slow recovery. I think this was also when I decided to get Jessie joined up to the Library. The weather was foul, so we spent a lot of time indoors baking (and reading). The weather brought high winds, the polythene greenhouse got shredded, and it was my 38th year on the planet.I also started the new stock for Whitby in ernest.

Valentine biscuits for school

March saw the horrendous flooding in Japan.Thousands of lives lost, homes ruined, and unimaginable destruction. It made me feel very grateful for our little life…    Back at home we celebrated Pancake day and Jessie lost her first tooth (these 2 events were not connected!) March also saw a slightly earlier than usual Whitby Gothic weekend, which was wonderful for me, as Captain Sensible bought one of my new Zombie design tops, and I got to have a lovely chat with him. Also this month I had to construct a red nose day outfit with 12 hours notice, and the character Michell left `Being Human’, which was a sad loss indeed.

The Damned Whitby 2011


April was unseasonably hot for the time of year, and we even had to put the gazebo up to put Jessie`s paddling pool under! I took this opportunity to stitch a skirt around the edge of our trusty tent ready for festy season. Easter was lateish, so I was assigned the task of easter hat- and thank god this one won second prize! This month also saw the arrival of a craft-it-back gift from lovely Jean, and my little sis decided to come back from London to live back in Wales.

Prize winning Easter hat


Tent and gazebo

May saw a great deal of reshuffling of furniture, redecorating Jessie`s bedroom, and my sis made numerous visits to and from London to retrieve her stuff. Flatteringly, I was asked if I would have a table at the school for their `world of work’ week, and speak to the kids about my business. I also had a stall at a craft fayre at the local arts centre, where I met loads of lovely people.

June seemed slightly cooler than April. Tarah`s birthday, Dean and Claire had a lovely wedding, Paul went to hospital for an endoscopy. Wychwood festival was wonderful, and we got to go  without the stall this time! All the saving up finally was worthwhile when we splashed out on our new marquee in readiness for its first outing to Worthenbury. Painted the house facias, and I think this was when I did the door. Re glossed the bathroom woodwork, made things ready for Worthenbury stall, and Paul gave up smoking.

New Marquee at Worthenbury


July saw a return of the scorching weather. Worthenbury roots and blues festival was wonderful, Jessie had the time of her life, and the marquee worked a treat! This month also saw us attend the school summer fete and sports day, We bought Jessie a trampolene (as we had both given up smoking),we helped with the school garden, went to the top of Gwaenysgor, went to Anglesey for the day, It was Pauls birthday,and we had some very squally warm tropical weather. Also, the news reported the premature death of Amy Winehouse.


August. We house-sat for mum while they went to Bloodstock festival. They returned the favour, and babysat Jess for the evening so we could go and see Mike Peters/Big Country. We took Jessie to a medieval day in Rhuddlan Castle, but unfortunately it was a washout. We did various crafts, and I decorated a picture frame with beach debris collected on the day of Rhyl Air show!.

driftwood frame

September. Went to the back of beyond for a USB turntable in scorching weather. Paul had a CT scan to see if his pancreas was ok. Back to school, and with a weeks notice, a pirate costume was required for a  kids birthday party. Made 2 costumes to order for Captain Sensible, for the Damned`s 35th Anniversary tour. Did accounts, started stock for Whitby stall, Blackberry picking, strange little indian summer the last week of September, and we all went paddling on the beach every night after school.

October was cold suddenly. Paul finally got his appointment and went for a monometry test to yet another hospital. 24 Hours with a pipe up his nose and down into his oesophegus to test his acid reflux levels. Jessie had a few sicky days off school. I did a lot of paperwork, and made stuff for the stall.Finally got the patio at the back sorted out. Did pumpkin lanterns with smallest Hammo,and I visited the dentist with tooth pain- turned out to be a scratched gum!

November. Whitby Gothic Weekend again. Jessie`s birthday- she turned 7 this year! Had a mad mega sale which went down a storm with the customers! Started buying little bits of Christmas stuff, did more paperwork, lots of ebaying as there were a lot of free listing  weekends,and best of all this month- Captain Sensible guestlisting us so we could attend the Manchester Academy gig!! Totally wonderful, and made my year!

Capt in the furry outfit!

December was a great finale to the year. Nothing specific, just really chiled, got all the accounts done nice and early, did lots of crafting with Jess. School Christmas play, and Fayre, which always gives you the Christmas spirit, although slightly dampened by Jess being ill and missing the last day of term. Had last minute Christmas shopper fatigue, and didnt buy the turkey until 2 days before Christmas Eve!

Razzle attacking her prezzie


And the last bit of the year whizzed by in a chocolate and cake filled blur of sleeping in, and Christmas films.

So here we now find ourselves, a day later than this blog recieved its revised start, on the third day of 2012. The decorations have all gone to sleep in the loft for the duration, and it is back to school tomorrow.

I wonder what this year will bring? What do you hope for?

Until next time…


~ by Zoe on January 4, 2012.

2 Responses to “and that was 2011!”

  1. A yearly recap seems like a good idea, I really need to blog more and this looks like good fodder.

    • It was rather more longwinded than I intended- but then a lot goes on in a year! Makes you realise just how much you do in a year though!

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