One of them Goffiks…

In the years before I turned into an evil stepmonster, I had this label slapped upon me. Many`s a time I would get the reaction- “ahh, you`re one of them gothics aren`t you!”

in my yoof..

I am mindful of this tonight- as every time the word Gothic is mentioned in our house, our little madam starts to chant the phrase “SAD OLD GOTH”.

This is due to her voracious need to read aloud everything she sees- and has come directly from this article of clothing..

T shirt Graveyard

 This is the resting place of all the really knackered out t shirts that I can`t bear to part with. I am only using the black and whites to give it some sort of continuity. Anyway, you get my drift.

And then, to hammer the final nail in the coffin (pardon the pun), I saw this on a friends facebook. Im not quite sure that this is what gothic actually meant to me. I guess it means whatever you want it to mean. I`m not sure what this post is actually about- possibly dipping my toe in the nostalgia pool or something.

Anyway- I leave you with this youtube news feature from 1987. You tell me.


Until next time, stay dark!


~ by Zoe on February 13, 2012.

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