Half term week

Life really does fly by the older you get does`nt it.  Or maybe it is something to do with having to plan your days ahead of time or something?

Last weekend Jessie went to her little friend Liza`s house for a sleepover.I had virtually a whole weekend to get something done. I spent it lethargically listing things on ebay, wrapped in a blankie on the sofa, feeling like I was coming down with something, and watching fluff on the movie channels.

Monday I got up early to do the grocery shopping. The day then went by doing washing, cleaning and whatever.

Tuesday we had to get up early to get madam ready to go to her mums, as she was expecting a royal visit from the grandma. I gave Paul his valentines day card, then I opened mine to discover the V in love was missing. This was found in the paper bag in the bin!  To be fair, he did write it in the dark last thing before bed- but hey- thats valentines day summed up! I think I used the free time to sew- possibly the hats I had cut out and started last week.

Wednesday- cleaning the kitchen- I blitzed the place in a fit. Then made my hands sore wrestling with various cobbled together bits of socket set and old screwdrivers to remove and swap round the door on the fridge. This has been put off for 2 years, but I got so bloody sick of limbo`ing round people sat at the table, just to get the milk, that I could stand it no longer. Then by the time I had done that, it was time to get the tea on, get jessie in the bath, do the washing and shit like that.

Thursday was Liza day- we were returning the favour for the weekend and so another early start.Liza arrived at 11.30am, and I entertained the kids by making cupcakes with them, then we made hotdog octopusses which they had for lunch, then we iced and decorated the cakes, many of which were then consumed, and i burst the icing bag.

Cake decorating

 The kids then entertained themselves for a bit, then took over the kitchen table once more with the play dough. Cleared up, gave them their tea, then Liza went home, and I did more laundry.

Fridaywas a nice non day. Well, it would`ve been, but remembering that Jessie had a `princess party’ to go to on Saturday afternoon, as soon as breakfast was consumed and cleared away, I set to work on a new dress for the occasion.

I had a brief rest during the afternoon when my lovely mum and sis showed up, and after the visit I got the tea on,bathed the sprog and set her hair in rags for curls -then I realised how behind with things I was, and I ended up sewing braid on until nearly 1am. Crashed out.

Yesterday was the big party day. Managed to keep madam out of trouble long enough to get her tarted up- I had to try and cover a carpet burn to the nose that she managed to inflict on herself 2 nights previous.

Princess Hammo

Dropped her and Paul off, then went to restock on groceries.Got caught in freezing wind and hail, and had to chase some groceries round the carpark that blew out of my trolley. Collected the Hammo`s at 7, madam was pissed off because the disco hadnt started- all sounded rather disorganised, and many kids had already left. Managed to sooth her by letting her have her own disco in the front room, acompanied by some shite girly bands on MTV.

And here we are today. Jessie is at her mums again today, so I have taken the opportunity to bleach my roots, update this here blog, and wrap ebay items, whilst watching Killing Bono on Sky Indie. And very entertaining it is to- the film I mean. Reminds me of The Commitments a bit.

And that`s that. Not very rock n roll, but the true life of yours truly.

I will make it a bit more interesting next time- honest!

until then,


~ by Zoe on February 19, 2012.

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