Another year older…

I turned 39 today.

I dont feel any older. My back is twinging rather, but I think the one woman battle with a rather large Fuchia bush that was growing under the patio is somewhat to blame. When you set about some rather hefty roots using a shovel as an axe, well, summat has to give!

I got out of taking Jessie to a swimming party yesterday, and set about the housework. during some vigorous hoovering I suddely felt very unwell, and the following 3 hours saw a shitty migrane do its worst.

Anyway, it went, and I made spaggy bol for tea.

I haven`t felt well today. Mother nature saw to that. hey ho. Lots of lovely cards and gifts from family and friends. Specifically a lot of chocolate cake! I will give it my best shot! Paul got me a bonus prezzie of a bigger easel- so I really should do it some justice at some point. I love painting. I wonder if i`m good enough to sell my work?

The cup final highlights are on, and i`m lying here, fiddling on this, when I should be getting kip- school run tomorrow!

I will be a bit more coherent when I can sit down and really talk about something, rather than waffle.

So i shall now snuggle down in my new pink leopard pj`s, and dream of Ninjabread men!

nighty night,


~ by Zoe on February 27, 2012.

One Response to “Another year older…”

  1. You rock, I am so glad I got to see you today!
    Email me the link for the tide tables and we shall go launch our hounds at the sea together this week 🙂

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