Easter Everywhere..

Its been far too long since I last posted.

Basically- the daily runnings around of life have meant that I just neglected it, and to be fair- I really didnt think I had anything to say that was worthy of a blog entry. We all have washing, cooking and cleaning to do- and thats what I do.

I have also been very busy trying to make stuff ready for Whitby Gothic Weekend, where we will have a stall at the end of April. Well, Vagabonds will.  We will also be at Wychwood in June- and I have to say, I am soo looking forward to it! Its a bit difficult to get my head out of the hippy open air festival vibe when I get stuck in.

Its a bit like having 3 persona`s sometimes. I`m mom to Jessie and housewife, then I am gothic stall person for Whitby- and then I turn into crusty Zo in the summer, when we do outdoor music festivals. Dont get me wrong- i`m not complaining. Its just a bit of a juggle!

The house is a bit of a tip, given that I am using the front room as a sorting and boxing area for stock. Our bedroom is a bit mad too- with my side of the bed having trip hazards in the form of beads, trays of findings and cord, and all manner of business bookkeeping stacked up  everywhere. Paul is blocking it out by framing up coloured vinyl and plastering the house walls with it! Tis looking great though.

 Aside from that, I decided to change my hair back to red. It has been blonde for a good few years now- so time for a change. Hit a bit of a snag last night when I realised I didnt have any of the required shade of red hair colour left in stock. So quickly ordered some and applied copious amounts of bleach to my hair in readiness- no pun intended!

In other news, we ran around like crazed people in amongst the other panic buyers on Saturday, in a vain attempt to purchase some last minute chocolate eggs for the kids. Everywhere was sold out! I have never known this to happen ever. Thankfully our local corner shop had 4 left- so that was the kids sorted, and me and Paul scoffed the last one ourselves. We considered it payback for the chaotic shopping day!

Today it is raining. The house is full of cardboard boxes of stuff. There is fabric everywhere. Today I shall try and get some more things on ebay (god bless 4 days of free listings) make a tailed tutu for my good buddy Donna, and design the long awaited dress for my cosplay enthusiast friend  who wants a slender unicorn dress in a strategic rainbow design.

And try and keep house while i`m at it.

Some of my friends run their own businesses. And have kids. I dont know how they manage. I keep in mind this JK Rowling quote in times of stress-

 “People ask, “How did you do it? How did you raise a baby and write a book? And the answer is – I didn’t do housework for 4 years. I am not superwoman! Living in squalor – that was the answer!”

I dont quite know if it is the answer. Squalor we dont have. Chaos is definately here to stay!

Until next time,


~ by Zoe on April 9, 2012.

One Response to “Easter Everywhere..”

  1. Ahh but you are organised chaos – might have to come and have a paddle around in it this week 😀
    Keep up the good work though you are brilliant in all aspects of your life x

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