The rain it raineth..

Its been a while since I last wrote something here.

To be truthful, there has been a lot of water under the bridge (quite literally in some places!)

After the disaster of Wychwood Festival, a little festival in Trelawnyd very kindly let me set up shop for the day at their annual “Folk at the Hall” event, and while I can`t say trade made up for our loss in Cheltenham, I certainly saw some excellent acts, and met some very lovely people. Big thanks to Skeeter and The Bear Beats Band for posting about this event!

The Bear Beats Band

Quickly constructed Stall at the Hall!

Made some more bits and bobs in the ensuing weeks, and mentally prepared for a lovely weekend at Worthenbury Blues festival, an annual event held in a little village just outside Wrexham. Aside to this we have been trying to get the house straight- stock boxes in and out and all about- and doing this and that for Jessie and the school.

Worthenbury came and went. They hired a massive marquee as the weather forecast was horrendous- which was great, but we had a lot of waiting around and arsing about to deal with- moving the tent here and there,setting up with no time to do it, I had a filthy cold, and we forgot our camping stove- which resulted in us spending at least £35 on coffee alone!

1 hour Vagabonds stall construction!

So, we have put that all behind us now. The weather continues to plague us- but we got a nice day in the garden  on saturday, so we got a bit done.

Our standing the next festival we had lined up– well, we have had to cancel it. Paul has been waiting to go into hospital for over 12 months now, to get the operation to stop his acid reflux– which is giving him Barratts oesophagus. They phoned him last week to see if he would go in to fill a cancellation- and well, that appointment for the operation is tomorrow.

To cheer him up, I bought him some Sex Pistols Pj`s, and he has some jazzy new slippers- and now he is all set to terrorise Glan Clwyd Hospital! I am worried as always, but I know he will take it all in his stride. Resiliance should be his middle name really!

I guess that brings us more or less up to date. The last few weekends have seen me taking full advantage of Ebay, by listing loads of stuff. We are trying to save up enough to get a garden shed/workshop for me- so go take a looky- you might find just the thing you were looking for!

So thats me, signing out for now- as I shall be performing as Nurse Price for the next few days at a nearby bedside!

Until next time,


~ by Zoe on July 9, 2012.

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