Shed, Shedditty Shed!

I can`t believe the summer holidays are almost over- hell, we are into the last bank holiday weekend already!!

We have been rather busy, what with Paul going into hospital, then I had to go down to my mums for 5 days to dogsit while they  made their annual pilgrimage to Bloodstock festival.

Jessie has had a new bike, and taught herself to ride it- out of sheer bloodymindedness I think, but we havent really had that much good weather for her to go out on a proper ride on it.

I have continued to ebay all the random things I have, and managed to accumulate enough money to finally buy THE SHED!!

We found a really good  deal on a website, who were having a sale- and with hours to go before the offer ended, we got one!

Mum took a load of photos of us all struggling to hold it together (I will try to get hold ofthese for extra humiliation value) while Marc (forever to be known as awesome) screwed it together. We hit a snag with the roof- Marc didnt think it was strengthened enough, so proceeded to cut his own version of the centre bracings, and by the time he had finished, it was plenty strong!

Unfortunately, the extra bracing time meant that he was felting the roof in the dark, but undeterred, he did it! Good job too as we had heavy rain the next day!

He came back to finish the trims and bits and bobs the next day. And here it is in all its nakedness!

And one from the front..

I kindof wanted certain colours, and a fiddled around on the internet, putting bits onto my Pinterest board, but when it got down to it, I saw the shade Persian Green in the shop, and went for it.

We got straight back home, had a brew, then I got cracking.

3 days later, interrupted by various inclemencies in the weather, we are done!

And just one more, now I have done the hinges..

I still need to tidy up some woodwork, and varnish the wooden bits, but I just had to share!

I have shed mania! Its already half full, and needs a damn good organising aready! But I am like a proud mommy!

What do you think?

until next time (in my shed).


~ by Zoe on August 25, 2012.

2 Responses to “Shed, Shedditty Shed!”

  1. Looks lovely Fluff and very practical too! I know when Dad was wanting a summer house he trawled all the sites where people had put up photos of their sheds and found one someone had done up like the TARDIS. My shed would probably be something similar lmao xo

  2. It looks fabulous, missus. 🙂

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