All change..

I know- its been far to long since my last blog- Life moves pretty fast eh Ferris!

Well, I have mostly been working on more crafty things of late. As anyone will know, I have a massive bead fixation, and a bit of a thing for bright colour and patchwork.

But I digress.

My big news for now is that Vagabonds will not be attending this November`s Whitby Gothic Weekend. There, I said it. It has taken a lot of soul searching to come to this decision- but the biggest factor is Jessie. Our little madam will be 8 years old next saturday, and I didnt want another of her birthday`s to fly by with a quick prezzie unwrapping session before I fly out of the door to work for the day- this happened last Whitby, and I dont want it to happen again. So there you go.

Mum will be taking my place this time- doing her vintage clothing and jewellery, and Miss Needles will be in her usual spot, astounding you with great works of hair!

I hope all my friends and customers have a wonderful time- take something warm kids, sounds like its gonna be wild weather wise!

Expect my next update in good time- more recipes, pictures and silliness. Oh yeah- and I have a little moan brewing. More to come…

Thats all for now folks!


~ by Zoe on October 26, 2012.

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