Life has been very hectic, what with school, orders and Christmas, and I seem to have let my blogging slide.

Well, There has been a bag of gingham squares calling to me from the nook at the side of the sink (where I stash my projects sometimes), so with the threat of cold weather being imminent, I decided to crack on and get the remaining door curtain done for the kitchen.

Our kitchen, like many houses built of a certain age, has no radiator. When you knock what would have been the chimney breast, there is a definate echo, suggesting there was once a fireplace in here. So in a bid to keep my winter workspace warm, we have a plug in oil filled radiator in here- but to trap the heat in as much as possible, we also installed a door curtain, which I am pleased to say, helps considerably!

I completed the roman blinds for the kithen windows in the early autumn, and they too seem to help keep the cold out, although I think some of this may just be of psychological help- blocking the dark nights out. You can see the larger of the 2 here: Please ignore the rest of the kitchen clutter!

Blind making..

Blind making..

So. I got the patches thrown together yesterday- but didnt have enough, so improvised and added a border to the top and bottom, then a side border to get a bit of extra width on the thing. The squares are all roughly 3×3 inches, and are recycled gingham school dresses, with a bit of spotty fabric from a dress, and the stripe fabric was an earlier purchase offcut.

Today I have backed it with a lovely piece thick chenielle fabric,(old large curtain) and added the recycled curtain tape etc.

And voila, we have our finished door curtain. A bit rustic, but I`m ok with that.

DSC07088What do you think?

I will try to keep my posts a bit mor regular from now on!




~ by Zoe on January 10, 2013.

2 Responses to “Patchworking”

  1. awesome as ever – I love your kitchen x

  2. This is amazing hun, more in love with your kitchen now 🙂

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