Denim Heaven

Me? Blue Denim? A Goth!??

Yep, its true. This week I have been revisiting my love of blue denim in the form of patchworking.

Denim for most people screams of the wild west, the stonewashed 80`s, or possibly the presenters of Top Gear, but for me its more about the faded, well worn, ripped up, textural side to the fabric, and also the durability of its nature.

I wont wax lyrical about the history of Levi Strauss or anything like that, but I do think it has a definate place in home furnishing, used in a sympathetic way.


So, this week I have been hacking my way through a mountain of reclaimed jeans, searching out stitching, worn seams and shade variations to put together everything I love about the fabric.



Backed with blue and white striped cotton, and a red and white candystripe edge, it calls to me in that cozy New England  naieve style, and I am rather pleased with it.


I have already started assembling the patches for another- this time for a bespoke order, and enough for a further one that will be slightly more girly- just an experiment really!

The only downside is denim is rather thick, and after cutting 100 or so of the little squares, I get rather nasty cramp in my hands. Still, no pain, no gain eh!

I do dabble with making other things in denim too…

blue denim cap

So as always, I would love your feedback! Denim- Love it or loathe it?

Until next time,




~ by Zoe on January 19, 2013.

9 Responses to “Denim Heaven”

  1. wow, great idea…inspired me to start chopping up hubbys (sorry dearest) jeans collection lol

  2. This quilt looks amazing! Must have taken a long time to get the look you wanted with the different colour blues.

    • Thanks! The worst thing is trying to sort the squares, so you dont get too many of the same colour grouped together. I`m happy with the first one, and am halfway through an order for a 150x 150 cm one for a sofa throw at the mo.
      Had a quick blast through a few of your posts- gonna come back and have a proper read – liked your ginger dead men! My sister got me some Ninja bread men cutters, but I havent used them yet! Keep up the good work! x

      • I only recently saw the ninja cutters. I got a voodoo one to add to my collection recently. I really like them!!

    • The worst bit was cutting it out- the denim was a bit thicker than i`m used to cutting, and as I wanted to use seams in the squares, there was a lot of “scissor gnawing” at them, and resulted in rather painful RSI in my wrist for a few days!

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