Ear Infections, and Metal Detections..

Its been a funny old week. Its been half term here in our little bit of North Wales, and not before time either. Viruses and various lurgys have been going round the school like wildfire. I jokingly said to one of the mums “oh Jessie has been fine- knowing her she will wait till half term to be ill”!

True to form, she has been sickly on and off all week, culminating in an ear ache that became an infection on thursday night, and when the ear started leaking “stuff”, she was whizzed to the doctors, and given the banana medicine (antibiotics).

So what do you do when you have a poorly kid shut in the house? Well, she spent a lot of time in bed, colouring and watching dvds, but she has been making flowers with the Hama beads she got for Christmas, which has also kept me busy with the iron.

The staying in bed bit of the week gave me a chance to get some more things made and cut out, and I will leave you with a few snaps before I leave, but while we are on the subject of keeping kids amused I will tell you the tale of today.

Yesterday, I went in the garden to do some clearing up. Jessie wanted to come too, but we discovered she had grown out of her wellies! So, like the dutiful stepmother that I am (sometimes) I went and bought her a new pair this morning.

Well of course, she then wants to go outside to give them a test drive- so I got the bike out etc. She was then looking bored, so grasping at straws, I put together the kids metal detector she got for Christmas.

I chucked a load of copper coins round the garden, and sent her out while I wrangled the washing. Anyway, she then comes back in, saying shes getting a bleep but can`t see anything. I go out and investigate with a random garden tool, thinking I must have dropped a coin- anyway- nothing.

The metal detector is still bleeting away , so I got a spade and started digging. We hit metal. it sounded hollow.

I dug out more. by now the garden is starting to look like a Time Team investigation! The neighbour is also wanting to know what is going on.

So, we finally uncover a big metal drain cover. Im thinking it must just have been buried as waste- (we constantly find old bits of housebrick and whatnot in the soil). So i get the shovel under it- and there is a hole. The lid comes off, and although it has been partially filled in- there is a definate old fashioned drain with a bricked up chamber down there.

So, why would there be a drain hole down in the lawn?- we dont think it connects up to the house.

Why would they cover it and grass it over?

Was is a septic tank? or an outside privvy?

We think the moles have gigs down there!

And anyway, to leave you, here are some pics of the stuff I have been doing of late..

circlestar coaster cuff1 daisy chain DSC07136 DSC07162 DSC07166 DSC07170 DSC07208 heartneck1 heartneck2 pink heart circle starsnheart



















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~ by Zoe on February 18, 2013.

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