Cinema day..

Been promising the kid we would do something over half term, but- well, we are a bit nesh, and it has been a bit nippy.

Anyway, it was the last but one day of The Croods on in 3D at our local independant cinema- so that is where we went.

Jessie has never been to see a 3D movie before, and I felt quite privilaged to be the one to introduce it to her.

Excited young lady..

Excited young lady..

I actually really enjoyed it too. Some kids films can really drag (cars 2), but this was awesome with cute characters like Belt and the Mousephant, and generally stunning animation.

Having the kids off school for Easter is a mixed bag. Initially they are excited, then bored, then a bit naughty, and everyone just gets settled into a groove then they all go back to school again!

We have done a bit of gardening, cooking, crafts, obligatory homework, random shopping adventures ,oh, and I moved a bit of the young lady`s bedroom about when she was at her mums the one day.

I still cant quite believe the weather we have had. These photo`s were from this afternoon, and we still have patches of snow on the mountains at the back of our neck of the woods!

Going home- look at the snow on the hills!

Going home- look at the snow on the hills!

Sorry for the poor quality photos- shonky camera phone- there`s a story there too..!

Until next time,




~ by Zoe on April 3, 2013.

3 Responses to “Cinema day..”

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  2. Do you need to a borrow a camera? If so, let me know and I’ll see if I have find my charging cable.

    • Thanks for the offer, but I ended up buying another one- and also managed to dry out the poor one that went for a swim- stuck it in a bowl of rice, and packed the inside with silica gel. Its a bit stiff, but I put that down to the sugar in the coffee gumming it up a bit.

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