The last 2 weeks …

23 March- Snowing like Billy- o all over the country. Loads of local craft fairs and spring markets cancelled or postponed. I put some bits on ETSY, did some housework and had a bit f a clearout of some of Jessie`s outgrown clothing.

24th – Jessie at her mums. Day of Ebaying.

25th- Paul went to doctors on the wrong day, I had a cracked boiled egg, then dropped my camera in a full cup of hot coffee.

26th- Housework, then went for a trog around Prestatyn High street to get some fruit and veg, and bargain hunt. Sent parcels.

27th- cant remember what we did- it was a full moon though!

28th- Liza came over for the day, and we made cakes .


chocolate easter nests

chocolate easter nests

29th- Day in the garden planting seeds in assorted egg boxes and plastic containers as mini greenhouses. Mum brought eggs for Jessie, and some gorgeous daffs for us.

many egg boxes on our seedling shelf (old glass tv stand)

many egg boxes on our seedling shelf (old glass tv stand)

30th- Jessie at Liza`s- spent the day doing housework and sorting out more bits in the shed /cabin/workshop

31st- clocks went foreward. Jessie had a cough so stayed home, but got loads of eggs so it was all good!

1st April- donated stuff to charity shop and spied a lovely little shelf. Grocery shopping, Ebay listing and laundry.

2nd April- up at crack of dawn to get SHELF. Bought dog poultry toothpaste and special toothbrush. More ebay. Bought beads online.. :/

And here we are at TODAY!

Thanks also go out to Graham the computer whizz, who came by and got the old laptop working for our young lady- she has had a lovely evening on the cbbc website!

So thats me up to date. Getting withdrawal symptoms from making stuff, so I may have to do something creative tomorrow!

fingers crossed anyway 😉



~ by Zoe on April 3, 2013.

2 Responses to “The last 2 weeks …”

  1. I am very envious of your red polka dot table cloth. I’ve got my eye on a zombie green one on Amazon. 🙂

    • Ours is just a piece of oilcloth I got from Aberkahn. It needs replacing actually, because a certain little person who shall remain nameless went through a phaze or bodging holes with her fork, and rubbing her knife up and down it- so its got little slices in one end :/

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