seed-y bee-dee garden..

Quick blogette.

This morning I recieved my packet of Phacelia seeds from the soil association. They have been doing a giveaway promotion to help support the British Bee population, who are under threat, and need new habitats to survive.

They are still doing the seed packets, but now they are only available when you make a donation. But you do get a badge too!

To donate, and keep Britain Buzzing, please click- we all need to do our bit!



In other news, this prolonged cold spell really must be taking its toll on our feathered friends. So, if you can, pop out a feeder or two. Suet balls and mealworms seem to be a particular favorite with our garden visitors, and having a finnicky Jack Russell has been a bonus for the magpies and Crows who visit!

Joe and Flo Crow.

Joe and Flo Crow.

Maggie- and, spot the the thrush!

Maggie- and, spot the the thrush!


waiting for his mealiewurmz

And dont forget- Fresh water!!

Until next time,




~ by Zoe on April 5, 2013.

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  1. you can also help by signing the petition here..

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