The last 2 months

Hello! You had forgotten about me I bet!

Well, i`m back to update and whittle on about all sorts.

So what have I been up to of late? Well, lets see.. I did a day doing hairwrapping at the Gifted shop in Rhyl which was fun, if a bit chilly- I was outside with a facepainting lady called Viv, and this time I took the smaller more pocket money items- easier to carry, and more in- keeping with the customers. Here I am doing a rather jolly rainbow wrap..


Back in May, Jessie took part in an old May day type “letting in the spring” thing called the “Cadi Ha” in the centre of Holywell, whick basically involved a load of people dancing and making a load of noise walking up and down the High street. There were folk bands, clog dancers, and people with bits of May Blossom Hawthorn tied with ribbons. All a bit pagan, but rather cool and eccentric.


Giving it loads at the Cadi Ha

Giving it loads at the Cadi Ha

I made a rather weighty costume for a cosplay customer for the expo in London she was attending. This time the brief was a Shinto temple deity called Amterasu which featured as a white wolf in a game. Anyway, heres a snap she got, along with the charachter inspired background..

Ammy Vanessa

My lovely sister was and still is having a mahoosive clear out of stuff, and kindly donated to us one of her desks- we used just the leg frame and Jessie`s desk has now grown to grownup height, and she can sit and see out of the window while she draws. I utilised the old table legs that Marc had cut down for her when she was littler, and added them to a spare shelf board, upholstered it and bingo- one bench seat! waste not and all that!


We had a lovely spell of hot weather a couple of weeks ago- so good that it enabled us to finally insulate my workshop/shed. In order to do this, everything had to be removed, so we had to put our stall marquee up as temporary storage on the patio. We battled away at it, and finally my workspace looks like this..


It is actually packed to the gunnels with materials and stock boxes again now, but I am trying to work on that too- the plan this year is not to attend so many festivals, and to concentrate on doing a grand clearance to give me space both physically and mentally so I can get back to making stuff  to order again. Family life is chaotic and busy, and I cant devote myself to the business full time, so i`m compromising, and still doing what I love. Oh yeah- i`m clearing stock HERE and HERE, and dont forget you can also purchase my handmade thingies from my ETSY STORE or directly from my FACEBOOK.

The good weather also gave us time to get the garden whipped into shape a bit and when we were tinkering with the offcut bits from the shed, me and Jessie made a rather odd looking insect house from bits of cane and whatnot, and Jessie just had to decorate it. It is intended for Solitary Bees, as well as any other creepy crawly.











Anyway, on a gardening last note, I will leave you with some pretty pictures I have snapped over the past few weeks.

Baby Spiders on the Rosemary

Baby Spiders on the Rosemary


Beautiful Iris


Not sure what these are..nice though!


Blousey old rose


Daisy friends


Chives a seeding


Strawbs a ripening


Snow on the mountain?


Lonesome poppy



from the bottom of the garden.

from the bottom of the garden.

Until next time,






~ by Zoe on June 22, 2013.

5 Responses to “The last 2 months”

  1. It looks like you’ve had a great past two months. I’m really envious of the desk and bench. Oh, and the studio! 🙂

  2. Just spent ages reading that solitary bee link, it’s really interesting! I’m loving your blog, you guys get up to some great stuff! 🙂

    • Cheers chicky! We are both very lucky, and live in great parts of the world- I love reading what you get up to with your little baba- great pictures- Cant believe sometimes it is the same little Kelly fairy! x

      • Haha, I seriously can’t believe it either sometimes! I still stop and think “wow… we LIVE here!!!” It’s amazing! On the other hand I can live out my ‘having enough space for a crafting workshop and awesome garden with bees and stuff’ fantasies through you guys! I can’t believe some of the stuff you make, it’s amazing! 😀 X

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