Here comes August!

And so here we are, two weeks or so into the kids summer holidays- I hope you fellow parents are coping ok!

What have we done so far? Well, at the end of term the school had their summer fete, and as I had been promising myself for ages, I finally shelled out some dollars for a decent popup gazebo and weights, for single day events. It fits in the car (just about with the stock) and is literally up in minutes- with the weights just clamping together in halves. Fantastic!

We actualy had to utilise it the minute it arrived- the sun baked down for almost the whole of July, so it became a pretty handy shelter in the garden- we even sat in its shade to watch the Wimbledon final on iplayer! Fantastic!

Anyway, it is first and foremost a stall, so I popped it up to give it a try minus stock on the patio- here it is:


So yeah, its first proper outing has been the School summer fete- we used it with an extra table at this one, as I took far too much stuff with us!

stallJessie was working on the Eco club stall, selling plants and seed packs and whatnot, and also participated in folk and disco dancing, and even had to show a policeman how to do folk dancing- The Jackadaw if I remember correctly?

Face painting by  Viv at FUN FACES

jess workingJess copperjess kitty

Around this week we also got a new swimming pool  (thanks Dave!), and Jessie took part in sports day.

pooljessie SportJessiesport

Camping out in the garden.

Camping out in the garden.

I also helped out at the school disco- this time mainly on the hot dog stall!

First week off school we spent a lot of time in the garden, and taking full advantage of Orange Wednesdays two for one, I took Jessie to see Monsters University.

Jessie has been keeping a holiday book, but I will save that for another time!

This week we have so far signed up for the Library book challenge, and had a day out at caernarfon castle- I will save that for my next weeks post also!

And I have just realised I should really post something Vagabonds related on the other blog- so I shall do that now!

cheers for stopping by!


The layout on this post has ended up a massive jumble, but hey ho- better than loads of scrolling!


~ by Zoe on August 1, 2013.

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