Goodbye 2013!

I havent blogged since last August! Bad Zo!

So, here we go, a run at the last half of 2013 in words and pictures!

I did the school summer fete,that was the last thing..

We went for a day trip to Caernafon Castle- we were really lucky, as the weather was glorious all day. Jessie was in her element, and came home with an army hat and a bow and arrows!


I took my stall to “Folk at the Hall” in Trelawnydd on the 3rd of August. My Favorite act had to be Kathryn Roberts and Sean Lakeman (yes, Seths brother!), and there was a rather impromptu Morris dance in the road outside during the break! (The Clerical Errors).

Kathryn Roberts and Sean Lakeman

Kathryn Roberts and Sean Lakeman


The Clerical Errors

You can find out about this year`s event by going to

Referring to my diary, the weather seemed to take a bit of a nosedive during August. I did the Totally Locally day in Prestatyn on the 17th- the weather seemed to hold off that day, but was gusty and showery.

There seemed to be a fine day on the 22nd, and we went to the Welsh Mountain Zoo, where it was boiling hot, and we had to sit in the car to eat our picnic, just to get out of the sun!


Before we knew it, Jessie started back into 4th/5th year (a combined class) and what with after school clubs, and my making stock in preperation for Christmas fairs, the rest of the year flew by!

I took Jessie and her schoolfriend to a pumpkin carving/ trick or treat day that the Artisans Collective had organised for the Children of Prestatyn. It was chilly, but they had loads of  fun, and even got medals for completing the treasure hunt! (We also went to see Turbo, then came back for pizza and chips by the light of pumpkin!)

Shortly after an experiment in painting each others faces!

Shortly after an experiment in painting each others faces!

Jessie Turned 9 in early November, but we didnt really get to celebrate with her, as this year it was her turn to spend the day with her mum. One of the prezzies she recieved from us was a mini John Lewis sewing machine. Bright pink with lime green  dials. I would have killed for something like this as a kid- unfortunately, she hasnt had time (or the inclination) to use it yet!

Anyway, bonfire night was a bit of a wash-out as I recall, and on the 6th of November I did my first Christmas stall at Ysgol y llys in Prestatyn!  This marked the start of Christmas fayre season, and I was booked in here there and everywhere, but unfortunately I came down with a stinky cold  in the  first days of December, and ended up having to cancel the last few of my bookings 😦 .

During this time we also managed to squeeze in Lantern making- again with the Prestatyn Artisans, and then joined them in the parade up the high street, with a marching band and santa (Prestatyn Rotary Club). All good fun, but I think this was where I aquired the lurgy!


Ready for the lantern parade!

Christmas was a bit of a blur- but at least we all had a rest- it was like breathing a sigh of relief after the previous weeks- School choir concert, manning the hot dog stall at the school disco- as well as trying to keep the house reasonably respectable for Christmas!

Ooh yeah. We went to see the Damned in early December at the Tivoli Buckley, so I didnt want to go empty handed, and knocked together a top for Mr Sensible.

After a bit of arguing with a rather officious bouncer, Capt smuggled us up the stairs to the “backstage area” where he educated me in the dark art of coffee machines.

Anyway, heres a pic of the top- which he actually thanked me for when he got onstage, and did an impromptu version of WOT- with Mr Vanian singing falsetto backup!


December also saw the terrible flooding when the sea defences were breached further down towards Rhyl and the Coast road. As we were on red alert for a second high tide that day, I had to cancel the Christmas event I was due to attend that evening, and we sat glued to the tv for weather updates, whilst watching the security cameras on the Prestatyn Yacht club- one of which was trained on the slipway, so we could see how quickly the tide was moving.

It truly has been a crazy mixed up few months!

So, I think that`s me up to date! I hope that wasn`t to gruelling for you- catching up helps me keep track of things , so now I only have to deal with January, and I am bang up to date!

Thanks for stopping by!

spookyzo2 By the way, excuse the terrible randomness of the pictures- I still havent quite got my head    around how to do it all again!


~ by Zoe on February 6, 2014.

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