I have often toyed with the idea of having a blog. Possibly this is for vanity, or self importance, but I like to kid myself along that it may be of interest to somebody somewhere.

I like to sew- hell, its my profession- when I get the time these days. I trade under the name Vagabonds, and I am based on the North Wales coast- quite literally- the sea is at the end of our road! I make gothic/alternative clothing mainly, but sometimes I slip back into patchwork and handmade colourful things, which hark back to my Hippy/wannabe traveller days. I also cook, paint, enjoy gardening, try to be organised and aspire to be enviromentally consious about the things I do. I live with a retired msician, and his 6 year old daughter, and my mad Jack Russell terrier called Razzle.

I don`t really know what to put here- but hey, I hope you stick with me…


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