Ear Infections, and Metal Detections..

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Its been a funny old week. Its been half term here in our little bit of North Wales, and not before time either. Viruses and various lurgys have been going round the school like wildfire. I jokingly said to one of the mums “oh Jessie has been fine- knowing her she will wait till half term to be ill”!

True to form, she has been sickly on and off all week, culminating in an ear ache that became an infection on thursday night, and when the ear started leaking “stuff”, she was whizzed to the doctors, and given the banana medicine (antibiotics).

So what do you do when you have a poorly kid shut in the house? Well, she spent a lot of time in bed, colouring and watching dvds, but she has been making flowers with the Hama beads she got for Christmas, which has also kept me busy with the iron.

The staying in bed bit of the week gave me a chance to get some more things made and cut out, and I will leave you with a few snaps before I leave, but while we are on the subject of keeping kids amused I will tell you the tale of today.

Yesterday, I went in the garden to do some clearing up. Jessie wanted to come too, but we discovered she had grown out of her wellies! So, like the dutiful stepmother that I am (sometimes) I went and bought her a new pair this morning.

Well of course, she then wants to go outside to give them a test drive- so I got the bike out etc. She was then looking bored, so grasping at straws, I put together the kids metal detector she got for Christmas.

I chucked a load of copper coins round the garden, and sent her out while I wrangled the washing. Anyway, she then comes back in, saying shes getting a bleep but can`t see anything. I go out and investigate with a random garden tool, thinking I must have dropped a coin- anyway- nothing.

The metal detector is still bleeting away , so I got a spade and started digging. We hit metal. it sounded hollow.

I dug out more. by now the garden is starting to look like a Time Team investigation! The neighbour is also wanting to know what is going on.

So, we finally uncover a big metal drain cover. Im thinking it must just have been buried as waste- (we constantly find old bits of housebrick and whatnot in the soil). So i get the shovel under it- and there is a hole. The lid comes off, and although it has been partially filled in- there is a definate old fashioned drain with a bricked up chamber down there.

So, why would there be a drain hole down in the lawn?- we dont think it connects up to the house.

Why would they cover it and grass it over?

Was is a septic tank? or an outside privvy?

We think the moles have gigs down there!

And anyway, to leave you, here are some pics of the stuff I have been doing of late..

circlestar coaster cuff1 daisy chain DSC07136 DSC07162 DSC07166 DSC07170 DSC07208 heartneck1 heartneck2 pink heart circle starsnheart



















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Denim Heaven

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Me? Blue Denim? A Goth!??

Yep, its true. This week I have been revisiting my love of blue denim in the form of patchworking.

Denim for most people screams of the wild west, the stonewashed 80`s, or possibly the presenters of Top Gear, but for me its more about the faded, well worn, ripped up, textural side to the fabric, and also the durability of its nature.

I wont wax lyrical about the history of Levi Strauss or anything like that, but I do think it has a definate place in home furnishing, used in a sympathetic way.


So, this week I have been hacking my way through a mountain of reclaimed jeans, searching out stitching, worn seams and shade variations to put together everything I love about the fabric.



Backed with blue and white striped cotton, and a red and white candystripe edge, it calls to me in that cozy New England  naieve style, and I am rather pleased with it.


I have already started assembling the patches for another- this time for a bespoke order, and enough for a further one that will be slightly more girly- just an experiment really!

The only downside is denim is rather thick, and after cutting 100 or so of the little squares, I get rather nasty cramp in my hands. Still, no pain, no gain eh!

I do dabble with making other things in denim too…

blue denim cap

So as always, I would love your feedback! Denim- Love it or loathe it?

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Life has been very hectic, what with school, orders and Christmas, and I seem to have let my blogging slide.

Well, There has been a bag of gingham squares calling to me from the nook at the side of the sink (where I stash my projects sometimes), so with the threat of cold weather being imminent, I decided to crack on and get the remaining door curtain done for the kitchen.

Our kitchen, like many houses built of a certain age, has no radiator. When you knock what would have been the chimney breast, there is a definate echo, suggesting there was once a fireplace in here. So in a bid to keep my winter workspace warm, we have a plug in oil filled radiator in here- but to trap the heat in as much as possible, we also installed a door curtain, which I am pleased to say, helps considerably!

I completed the roman blinds for the kithen windows in the early autumn, and they too seem to help keep the cold out, although I think some of this may just be of psychological help- blocking the dark nights out. You can see the larger of the 2 here: Please ignore the rest of the kitchen clutter!

Blind making..

Blind making..

So. I got the patches thrown together yesterday- but didnt have enough, so improvised and added a border to the top and bottom, then a side border to get a bit of extra width on the thing. The squares are all roughly 3×3 inches, and are recycled gingham school dresses, with a bit of spotty fabric from a dress, and the stripe fabric was an earlier purchase offcut.

Today I have backed it with a lovely piece thick chenielle fabric,(old large curtain) and added the recycled curtain tape etc.

And voila, we have our finished door curtain. A bit rustic, but I`m ok with that.

DSC07088What do you think?

I will try to keep my posts a bit mor regular from now on!



Last few weeks in pictures…

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Blind making..

Polkadot mini dish find..

Banana cake/loaf making..


Halloweeny twigs


Bag making..

face painting

Witch model making…

Jewellery designing..

and firework watching…

All change..

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I know- its been far to long since my last blog- Life moves pretty fast eh Ferris!

Well, I have mostly been working on more crafty things of late. As anyone will know, I have a massive bead fixation, and a bit of a thing for bright colour and patchwork.

But I digress.

My big news for now is that Vagabonds will not be attending this November`s Whitby Gothic Weekend. There, I said it. It has taken a lot of soul searching to come to this decision- but the biggest factor is Jessie. Our little madam will be 8 years old next saturday, and I didnt want another of her birthday`s to fly by with a quick prezzie unwrapping session before I fly out of the door to work for the day- this happened last Whitby, and I dont want it to happen again. So there you go.

Mum will be taking my place this time- doing her vintage clothing and jewellery, and Miss Needles will be in her usual spot, astounding you with great works of hair!

I hope all my friends and customers have a wonderful time- take something warm kids, sounds like its gonna be wild weather wise!

Expect my next update in good time- more recipes, pictures and silliness. Oh yeah- and I have a little moan brewing. More to come…

Thats all for now folks!

Shed, Shedditty Shed!

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I can`t believe the summer holidays are almost over- hell, we are into the last bank holiday weekend already!!

We have been rather busy, what with Paul going into hospital, then I had to go down to my mums for 5 days to dogsit while they  made their annual pilgrimage to Bloodstock festival.

Jessie has had a new bike, and taught herself to ride it- out of sheer bloodymindedness I think, but we havent really had that much good weather for her to go out on a proper ride on it.

I have continued to ebay all the random things I have, and managed to accumulate enough money to finally buy THE SHED!!

We found a really good  deal on a website, who were having a sale- and with hours to go before the offer ended, we got one!

Mum took a load of photos of us all struggling to hold it together (I will try to get hold ofthese for extra humiliation value) while Marc (forever to be known as awesome) screwed it together. We hit a snag with the roof- Marc didnt think it was strengthened enough, so proceeded to cut his own version of the centre bracings, and by the time he had finished, it was plenty strong!

Unfortunately, the extra bracing time meant that he was felting the roof in the dark, but undeterred, he did it! Good job too as we had heavy rain the next day!

He came back to finish the trims and bits and bobs the next day. And here it is in all its nakedness!

And one from the front..

I kindof wanted certain colours, and a fiddled around on the internet, putting bits onto my Pinterest board, but when it got down to it, I saw the shade Persian Green in the shop, and went for it.

We got straight back home, had a brew, then I got cracking.

3 days later, interrupted by various inclemencies in the weather, we are done!

And just one more, now I have done the hinges..

I still need to tidy up some woodwork, and varnish the wooden bits, but I just had to share!

I have shed mania! Its already half full, and needs a damn good organising aready! But I am like a proud mommy!

What do you think?

until next time (in my shed).

3 years on

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This is just a few pics of the garden, from the time we moved in, to now. Not all are from the exact angle, but I did my best!

This is not really a proper post, just a personal record.

cheery bye!